Expert level present guessing.

I’ve always been a natural lover of puzzles. And when I was a little kid my favorite part of Christmas was guessing what was in the boxes. Size, shape, density, balance and shaken sound were the big factors, and I got pretty good at guessing most presents at least in a broad category, ie clothing, toy, tool etc.

But now as the family has spread around the country and there is no Tree under which the boxes sit the game is greatly increased in difficulty. to nearly impossible :frowning:

There are mass Emails sent which include tracking numbers. So at least I have the weight. Under two ounces? probably Jewlery. Under one pound? probably an electronic gadget. 2-4 pounds to a chick? most likely clothing. More than 20 pounds to a dude? tools.

But other than that all I have are estimations of character. How much would person X spend for person Y? What types of gifts is person Y known for getting. That 4-20 pound range is just a big black hole of unknowingness.

I’m the best present guesser I know. Seriously, I’m phenomenal. Hell, i even guessed correctly when my uncle got me two packs of double-AA batteries. I was like “This is the weirdest gift ever, but it’s still batteries.” Bam! 6 for 6 that year.

Last year, I didn’t just guess that it was a DVD, oh no. I even guessed what DVD it was.

Bow before me.