Experts on Sweden: help me find relevant quotes?

A long-time family friend in his upper-80s is ill, and I want to send him a combination get-well/thank-you card. He’s a prince of a fellow who’s helped us a lot thru the years; he’s of Swedish descent, his parents having immigrated to USA from Sweden.

So I’m looking for quotes [translated to English] from Swedish writers, poets, polititians, nobles–kings, queens–that might mention the virtuous qualities this gent has practiced–generosity, kindness, nobility of spirit, cheerfulness, all-around great-guyness.

His name is Gustav–I’m wondering in particular if any of Sweden’s kings named Gustav or Gustaf might have said or written something applicable–

My searching hasn’t uncovered anything–any tips, pointers, or specific quotes?


Addendum to my original post:

If there was something said/written about a King Gustav/Gustaf, that’d be great too–so my message could be something like: “As was said about Swedish King Gustav XXX: etc”–

thx again