Explain a Three Stooges Joke (I Didn't Get It)

Moe to Curley: “Get the tools”
Curley: “What tools?”
Moe : “The tools we’ve been using for the last 30 years!”
Curley:“Oh, Those tools.”

Not hugely funny, but what is not to get?

Sort of like saying, “Honey, go get the groceries from the car.”
“What car?”
“The car we have been driving for 10 years that we park in the garage.”
“Oh, that car.”

So, not exactly rolling in the floors, but just a dumb comment.
(Part of the reason I never liked the Three Stooges…too dumb, even when I was a little kid.)

It’s possible that there was an inside joke also about the prop tools that they used. There also might have been some additional context that made it more than just a dumb comment, or not, dumb comments were part of the act.

DMark’s got it. Definitely a “What else would I be talking about?” joke, a close relative of one of my favorite formats:

“Did my wife come by here? Tall lady, long hair?”
“Did she have glasses?”
“Blue blouse?”
“Polka dot clutch and a silver bracelet?”
“Yes, exactly!”
“Nope, haven’t seen her.”

Sounds to me like a joke that was written on set, minutes before shooting, after someone said “We need a joke here.”

Not 30 years, 10 years.

And it was Moe to Larry, at least on this occasion:

I always find that line hilarious. But for the life of me, I can’t explain why. It’s just a stooges thing. If you don’t grok it don’t feel bad. It just means you aren’t as twisted as some of us are.

:: pokes DMark in the eyes ::

What joke?

See, DMark, if you’d followed the Stooges you would have been prepared with the block. [Koxinga puts his hand perpendicular to his nose.] Bet you’re sorry now! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

Nice username / post combo

Ha Ha…I wear glasses, so first you would have had to ask to borrow my glasses…otherwise you would have to pretend you hurt your fingers poking my eyes, and then hit me on the head with the hammer.

The same joke we’ve been using for the last 10 years.

::Pokes Koxinga in the eyes with two hands.

Why . . .I oughta. . .

Oh a wiseguy. Huh.

It saddens me when someone doesn’t understand or appreciate the subtlety of the Stooges.

Stooge Paradise: http://www.threestooges.net/

Every minute detail of everything they ever did. I can’t even tell you the time I’ve wasted on that site.

Come on…you can tell ME! I won’t tell anyone else. I promise.

Ah, you’re just a victim of soicumstances.

Congratulations! I believe you have found what is, for my wife, and in my experience the vast majority of the 3,500,000,000 women on this planet, the absolute *least *interesting site on the entire Internet.

Seriously (if that’s even allowed in a Three Stooges thread), is there a single question in all the world that is more gender-polarizing than “Do you think the Three Stooges are funny?”