explain Bliss to me. Yesterdays

The one frame comic, Bliss. Yesterdayd 3/26. A man standing on one side of a low stone fence, with a stick (golf club?) in his hand. A woman on the other side. No caption.

Maybe just the absurdity of trying to putt across a stone wall?

For anybody trying to figure it out, looking at the comic might help.

Additional significant details: There is a golf course in the background. The woman is holding a golf ball in back of her.
Maybe it has something to do with the mean old lady who lived down the block when you were young and wouldn’t give you your ball back if it accidentally landed in her yard?

The woman is holding the golf ball behind her back. The dog is wagging its tail - the dog is happy even though the people are feuding?

He hit the golf ball, it landed in her yard and she picked it up (she’s holding it). She’s teasing him by hiding the ball, that’s all.

He hit the ball, and it went over the wall into her property. She’s refusing to give it back, sort of like when kids hit a baseball into someone’s yard, and a mean old lady won’t give it back.

Not very funny.

Actually the ball is a white cherry bomb (activated by remote control in her left hand) that she detonates as soon as she gives it to him.:slight_smile:

I get the impression that her withholding of the ball is payback for times when the dog’s ball/toy might have made it over the stone wall and not been returned.

The dog’s in on the prank.

If the dog were a person, he’d be snickering into his hand and the lady with the golf ball would be thinking “Cool it, you’ll spoil the trick!”

But it’s a dog, and dogs can’t snicker. Except for Muttley, who snickers all the damn time.

Thanks guys. Still not funny, but makes sense. See the LA Time has shrunk this so small, i could not see the golf ball.

I love Muttley!