Explain Coheed and Cambria to me.

There’s this band, called Coheed and Cambria. They had a fairly popular song recently called “A Favor House Atlantic,” whose most recognizable lyric is “good eye, sniper.” My friend is all into their music (we’re prog-fans from the olden days), though he of course doesn’t know a thing about them. They play complicated prog-rock, their singer sounds like his voice is being pitch-shifted to sound like Geddy Lee, all of their album and song titles and recognizable lyrics are incredibly opaque and pretentious and indecipherable. Their 4 or 5-part series of concept albums allegedly tell some sort of story, possibly based on comic books that may or may not exist. I was long under the impression that they were some sort of crazy next-generation Brazilian prog band whose subculture I could never hope to understand … but then I found out that they’re from right down the road here in NY’s Hudson Valley.

Help! Who the hell are these guys, what are they trying to say, and is there any point in trying to plumb the depths of their pretentiousness?

I gave it a try, and I’d say probably not.

I have a couple of their CDs (the last two albums), and I wouldn’t bother trying to understand it all. I read an interview with them, and from what I remember of the story, it involves a writer and a character. The character’s parents were Coheed and Cambria (I have no idea which was mom and which was dad), and they were killed, and now the main character is looking for revenge. That was what the first 4? 3? albums covered. The last album is from the point of view of the writer, and the writer coming to grips with something or other. The man guy whose name escapes me at the moment is trying to do a series of comic books as well.
In short, the whole thing makes no sense and I’d forget about trying to figure it out. The music is pretty good though.

The first time I saw the name, I thought they were named for a street corner. :o

Now I know better. Probably not worth the time to decipher.

Pretentious, sure. Story? Probably mostly baloney. But they are catchy and incredibly listenable. They can throw down a simple pop song like “Blood Red Summer” and then play a stadium rocker like “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.” Great guitar work, great vocals. One of my favorite bands.

Also, “A Favor House Atlantic” is off their second to last CD, so I don’t know why that’s popular now. I most recently heard “The Suffering” on the radio. That’s a bizarre video, too. It reminds me of the old “Clash of the Titans.”

So … everything I read lauds the singer’s vocal range, but it sounds pretty well processed and pitch-shifted to me. Can he actually sing that high, or is it just electronics?