Explain the Maxine Waters Flap To Me

As I understand it ,Maxine prevailed upon Barney Frank (D-MA), to send some TARP money to a failed black-owned bank (OneUnited). This bank received 12 million dollars, while its directors were driving bank-owned vehicles…they also owned a $6.2 million house in Santa Monica, Ca (for the use of the officers of the bank).
Now, at the same time, Maxine’s husband owned stock in OneUnited-which was worth about $320,000.
Does this constitute a conflict of interest?
Should a member of the HOR (like Waters) be allowed to influence public funding of an entity that her husban had an interest in?

I guess that’s what her ethics inquiry is going to determine.

Those are questions without a factual answer. The House Ethics committee felt that her actions violated the rules.

Read the charges for yourself (pdf). The first seven pages contain the facts alleged, and the last three cite the specific rules she is accused of violating.

There have been many accusations of ethics violations agains Maxine Waters and her family over the years. I take this case as yet another one but for some reason the Dems really want to pursue the charges this time.

I’d think the Dems consider the timing to be horrible. It’s right before an election, you know. It’s probably just a matter of the investigators deciding that these charges will stick.