Explain This Full Metal Jacket Insult

I have no definitive answer, but the way I use them is that conversation in a movie is dialogue, while option screens on a computer are dialog boxes.

You know what? I think it’s time for a link. Obviously the language is NSFW.


Of course it was the second half of the movie that gave us this:

“How can you shoot women and children?”

“Easy. You just don’t lead them as much. Ain’t war hell?”

Anyone remember the SNL skit where (IIRC) Phil Hartman was playing a drill sergeant like R. Lee Ermey, only he wasn’t very good at coming up with insults?

“And you. . .what’s your name?”


“Well not any more. From now on, your name’s gonna be. . .”

::looks private up and down::

“Mister Feet Attached to Legs.”

I interpreted it to mean the same as “…even if it hair lips the devil,” which is something I heard a lot growing up.

It means, “I will do this no matter how difficult it is for me to accomplish.” Giving the devil a hair lip, or cutting off the dick of every cannibal in the Congo would be hard work, hence the saying.

Why the reference to “short-dicking” the “cannibals?” Just another way to show his unpleasantness. All those colored folks over there are cannibals and have long schvantzes, don’t you know?

Okay, as long as we’re discussing the movie, someone help me out here:

Joker and Cowboy are mopping the head. Joker is worried that Pyle is going off the deep end. Cowboy says, “I wouldn’t be surprised.” Then there’s a pause, and Joker says, “I wanna slip my tube steak into your sister. What’ll you take in trade?” Cowboy says, “What do you got?” Scene ends.

…? What the holy hell is that last bit all about? “Sister”? What? Huh? Is this some kind of gay sex come-on? Seriously, what was going on there?

Joker wants to fuck Cowboy’s sister and wants Cowboy to arrange a deal.

Typical frat-boy (barracks) trash talk, I would imagine.

After many weeks without even seeing a woman that is pretty much all you talk about (other than the crazy guy in the upper bunk). Just some good natured ribbing about banging his sister which Cowboy doesn’t take offense to since they are buddies. Seems like they go back and forth to each other like this all the time.

Joker mentions Cowboy’s sister because the news that one of their bunkmates going insane doesn’t appear to register anything more than mild apathy. Joker is seeing if anything will rile Cowboy, or if he’s just dead on his feet, marking time until he graduates. And yeah, he really is saying “I want to f*** your sister.” Earlier in the film, Gunny Hartman says something similar: “Hell, I like you! I’ll let you come over to my house and f*** my sister!” There may be a connection between the two exchanges – for example, showing that Hartman’s use of the absurd-but-vulgar becomes the commonplace-and-tangible subject of conversation for his recruits.

One of the boys in Stand by Me asked a similar question of young Jerry O’Connell, who was not all that bright: “Did your mother ever have any kids that lived?”
The reply: “What do you mean?”

I don’t see it that way at all. It is not a response to the apathy of Cowboy. It is just a continuation of a conversation that has been going on for weeks. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in barracks in my life.

I thought dialog/analog/catalog/etc. was American and dialogue/analogue/catalogue/etc. was British. So the latter goes with “spelt”. :slight_smile:

David Allan Coe tells me the phrase is “harelip the pope.” I guess for a fundamentalist protestant the two might be synonymous. That, or he needed a near rhyme for “joke.”

Probably more like a “f*** it” attitude here reflected on a specific barack jargong the viewer can’t be familiar with. One shouldn’t read anything else into it; but a manifestation of the black comedy Kubrick is fond of. It certainly has nothing to do with any sisters.

Edit: I was going to quote another fellow, but never mind, I think my point gets through anyhow.

Doesn’t lighter-colored hair tend to be finer in cross-section than darker hair? That would mean that, in fact, as close as a red ct hair would be closer than as close as a brown ct hair, so the distinction is meaningful.