explain this police activity at the George Washington bridge

I was approaching the toll booth of the bridge into Manhattan. Just before I get there two cops cars park across the road way with their lights on blocking me. But across the divider the road is not blocked and cars are going through. I am the only car there at that moment. One of the cops is staring right at me for about 30 seconds and at first I think I am getting arrested. I’m sure I wasn’t speeding so I am thinking maybe they are looking for a grey Altima. But that’s not it, soon other cars show up and block the other side. Now I am wondering if something happened in Manhattan and they are preventing people from coming in. They stay there for about 10 minutes and then two other cars show up on my side of the divider and they start to drive across the bridge, side by side in four lanes with their lights on, leading me and the rest of the cars behind me across the bridge.

Since I am talking about the GWB, every time I approach it I say “Take me to the middle of the George Washington bridge!”

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