Explain this scam to me

Ok, I’m looking for a job. I’m highly skilled, but with the current slim pickings, I’m applying to just about anything. On craigslist, is the following ad:

I submit the cover letter/ resume, and within 10 minutes I receive:

Now, this description sounded odd, as it covered cooking in someone’s home, in someone’s restaurant and a one time gig at a family reunion. This is from someone who hasn’t moved to the area, and is hiring someone off of craigslist.
I didn’t respond.

About 1 week later, on craigslist:

Same thing, within minutes of my response:

So what’s up with this?
I’m guessing they will want money to facilitate their move, which will of course be reimbursed when they arrive. Har har.
And why are these large families with one on the way moving up here?


Probably just phishing for personal info.

You accept the “job” then provide all of your personal information i.e. address, social security number, etc., then you never hear back from them and months later get a bunch of calls from collection agents because you haven’t been making payments on the AMEX you got then used to buy a BMW.

Basically, they’re phishing you for your personal info. possibly to impersonate you and/or setting you up for a cheque cashing scam when they “pay” you in advance for the reunion.

I would report it, and let the police take care of the reunion.

It’s probably one of these overpay scams. They send you a bogus payroll check for more than what they have offered you and ask you to western union them the balance.

I’m guessing straight up phishing scam. The next e-mail that comes will say (broken English and grammar added for effect):

“That is most excellent! Me family be moving in the two weeks to follow and need a honest cook. Since you be employed by the family for the sum of 3.000$ USD, I require the social security number for the I-9 form to make the background check for your honesty”

This made me laugh, especially following “My family had like to hire a family cook to cook for our family for a day party and also apply you for our upcoming newly restaurant.”

Thanks for the replies.
I was hoping for something more nefarious, but the phishing ‘phits’.

BTW I love this board. I don’t post often, and then only a question, but read it daily. The posters are better than Google. However my wife asked me what happened to Mercurochrome. I googled it, and this was the second on the list.


I also applied to a personal assistant add and received this…from guess who the infamous Rick Chauvet. It is so sad that during these desperate times that people are looking for legitimate work anywhere they can become victimized allover again.

Thanks for the prompt response to our position we seek for.
Your application/resume has been reviewed.
I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on business. I am in Havana, Cuba in the Carribean and not sure if I am available to conduct an interview for you now.However,I will need your words to be sure of your credibility and if possible,references.
You will be required to handle my documentations and contacts as I am always on the move and rarely available to them.You will also handle all correspondence and work directly with me. I work solely as a supplier of medical equipments accross America, Europe and Asia.
In the course of your work, you will deal with clients at home and overseas. It is important that you are of good behaviour and possess relevant client and paperwork handling qualities. Working with me will be very interesting as I do not have strict rules, although I always appreciate efficiency. Working time is flexible because I will call upon you when there are issues to be attended to. I am actually employing a new Personal Assistant because the lady who worked with me before got married and moved with her husband to Australia.
This is the point where I ask you what you expect as pay package; What are you looking to earn? I hope we can meet pretty soon but until then, you can start working. Note that this is a part-time job and your application is one of the few I have considered appropriate for the position and I hope you justify my expectations.
I will like to keep a filed information about you. In the light of this, I will like you to fill the below Personal Assistant Employee Remittance Form to be documented.
Full Name:
Physical Home Address:
City, State & Zip Code:
Cell Phone # Only:
Age/Marital Status:
Current Job:
To ensure a proper work schedule, The following information are required:
AVAILABILITY: Days/Hours Available
Monday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
Tuesday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
Wednesday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
Thursday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
Friday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
Saturday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
Sunday : Hours Available: from ______ to ______
I await your response and required information.

Best Regards,