Yet another, "Is this a scam?" thread.

Yesterday I replied to this Craigslist job posting.

Today I just received this E-mail reply


Thank you for the interested in the job opening. When would you be able to come in for an informal interview? If you have a printed resume available can you please have that ready, a printed credit report (I have provided a link below) and a valid driver’s license or photo ID. When you have everything prepared get in touch with me with a date when you would be able to come in.
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Jason Davis

The link to the credit reporting agency is what has me worried (I broke the link so that no-one will click on it by accident).

Scam. Mr. Davis is offering people jobs all over the country.

I’ve never heard of any legitimate employer making an applicant pay for their own credit report.

Just as I thought. Thank you. I’ll flag it as a scam.

They should be able to run credit/background checks on you. I don’t know why they’d trust you, not offense to you I’m using the general you, to bring on in that you could have made up. They probably run the site and this is how they make their money.

No problem. Good luck with the job hunt!

You know, I think you really are all that bright :D.

Seriously…if you have to ask, the answer is ALWAYS yes, it is a scam.

I think that’s a little over-simplistic.

How could the reply thing you posted possibly not be a scam? What reputable employer is going to tell you to not only bring them a copy of your credit report, but to obtain it from a link they provide?

Well yeah, if I ever get another reply with a link to a supposedly credit checking Website I’ll automatically assume it’s a scam.

You know that ugly, annoying scam alert page that craigslist puts between the home page and the jobs page?

Read it, see if it applies here :slight_smile:

Also see …

I’d say that guy’s affiliate ID is 12Arif7j.

Many people would be equally nonplussed by the idea of an employer demanding a credit report at all.

No, if they are going to require you to travel, they may want you to have a company credit card, and want to make sure you are competent to use it. If you have a history of misuse or irresponsibility, they won’t want to rely on you to take care of their business. But a legitimate company would see if you are a viable candidate before they got as far as checking your credit. Asking for it along with your resume is definitely suspicious and the OP was right to check.

Sure, but employers who give you a company credit card don’t recruit via Craigslist.