Explain this to me.

Why do people say “Wow, you sure know a lot about the board for someone with ____ posts”?
I know, usally these people are ually previously banned people coming back to bitch at administartion, but why can’t someone with a recent reg. date have an opinion about something before their reg. date?
Also, I recall a recent post where a member actually said (paraphrased) “You sure know alot about coding for someone who registered recently.”
Jumping jesus! I know how to start a tag by going and end it with [/].
^ more evidence that I know a little too much for someone who registered recently.

Law of averages.

Well, Aslan, it’s just that we’ve been bitten too many times by newbies who really did turn out to be returning banned posters. We be nice to them, we say, “Welcome to the SDMB!”, we defend them in Pit threads, and the next thing you know, there’s “BANNED” under their names. And we go, “…Oh.”

So we tend to be rather cynical and suspicious about someone with, like, 6 posts who already seems to know a lot about the boards. And yeah, knowing how to do coding properly can count as “knowing about the boards”, because it frequently takes genuine newbies a while to catch on, generating a number of frustrated “Learn to quote, dammit!” posts from other people, etc. :smiley:

Every freakin’ board has the same coding!
I’ve never, ever encountered any other variations on **, * and , and only small diferences in quoting.

/me totally understands.

<b>There can be only one</b>


Crap, I forgot the Every freakin’ board… part of that.

I’m not trying to be a prick, but the Dope is my first vB board and I’ve been doing this for a while. If you have the coding skills, and very few posts, and a good knowlege of what has been going on in the past you may be a good coder who has been lurking. You may be a sock. This place gets enough socks to worry about it.

Socks? :confused: Could someone 'splain the “socks” reference to a newbie who knows how to code from 20 years experience with 'puters, BBSes, and programming?

Socks is where when you post an arguement, register another ID, and post support of yourself. Also, a sock is where you get banned, find a way to come back under another ID, and post again.
Socking is basically registering tow ID names.

Last sentence should read:

“registering two or more ID’s”


Ah! As in “sock puppet”?
Thanks, Aslan.

I don’t think it’s so much knowing about quotes and vbb functions as it is knowing board history and right away saying such and such mod is a Nazi.

[b[Obivious[\b] sock. Somebody email a mod.