Explain to me that one renegade body hair

It’s back again, and I love it. On the outside of my left forearm I have this one little black hair that always returns. It’s darker than my other lighter colored hairs, and seems to be a *bit *thicker. It’s the only one on my body like this, and it has consistently returned to the same spot since middle school.

I notice it, and I am intrigued. I play with it, pull it, braid it with the other arm hairs (okay, the latter was a stretch); but inevitably I always end up plucking it due to transfixed fascination. Then a few weeks later, yay, it’s back!

What’s up with this one rogue body hair?

My ex-gf had one too, except she had a very light and invisible single hair at the bottom of her chin. I’d find it then we’d fight to play with it. I’m odd, okay? I guess this is just socialized monkey grooming in a bizarre evolution.

I know I can’t be the only one. If you can’t explain it, then tell me about your rogue hair.
Your resident oddball,

I have a few uber chest hairs like that.

I have one on my left shoulder. It grows to over two inches in length. I don’t otherwise have a hairy back. I’d like to know what that’s all about, too.

It’s not a renegade, it’s a maverick!!


Yeah, what’s up with that? I have one on the back of my thigh, and a couple that I have to watch because they grow out of two little moles on my face.

Sorry - wrong forum. I have 'em too - what’s up with that? The ones in my husband’s shoulder seem to be getting denser w/age, though.

I have one pube that grows halfway between the rest of my pubes and my belly button. I hope it’s not scouting territory for the rest of them.

I’m not hairy at all, but I’m lucky to have a rogue black hair of my own. This one grows on a little mole near my left bicep, a few inches from my shoulder. I pluck that shit anytime I notice it’s getting too big for its britches. It’s a real piece of work. I hate it so much.

I have one on my left wrist. It’s noticeable because it grows to about 2 inches long. (It’s also sneaky and does this overnight.)

I’ve had that hair forever. Pull it out and it comes back.

I’m currently entertained by the fact that it seems to have gone gray, although I haven’t found any other gray hair anywhere else.

My two rogue hairs grow out of a flat small mole on my left arm. reminds me of a co-worker who had curly long dark hairs growing out of a non-flat, non-small mole on her face. How did she resist plucking them??!??!

In my early teens, I had a band of darker colored hairs nearly circling my left wrist. Later, the rest of the hairs on my arm turned the same color.

In my early twenties, I discovered that several of the hairs around my aureolae were of inordinate length, one over a foot long!

Things have become considerably quieter since then.


I don’t mind if my hair turns gray. I don’t mind if it turns white. I’m not too happy when it turns loose, though.

I have one on my left upper arm, it’s nearly three times as long as the others.

I burn it with a lighter every now and again.

mmmm…burnt hair smell.

I have one on my lower right arm and have wondered about it alot. I have very fair body hair though for some reason so it really stands out to me.

Now you’ve got me curious. I used to have one on the back of my left forearm, near the elbow. But I haven’t looked for it in years and don’t know if it’s still there. It would only get about an inch, but was darker and thicker than its compatriots. (Would that be commatriots, since I’m female?)

Wahey, me too!

Actually, more like a bunch of them, all spread out over the back of my shoulders. Not many, less than twenty, none of them near moles.

One one my left earlobe. It grows faster than the others, and is much stronger. It’s almost impossible to pull out because it is rooted so strongly. Fortunately, it’s either colorless or extremely blonde so no one notices.

I have one in my left eyebrow. It’s like a giant nose hair. My wife plucks it for me when it gets too out of control. Ain’t love grand?

I have one on my forearm- it grows long and is white. I actually just asked one of the dermatologists I work for why it happens, and he didn’t have an answer. If I had to guess, I’d say that cell didn’t specialize as a short hair during formation, and so is not “normal”.

I have a few. They are very dark and abnormally thick. Is there any evidence that these rouge hairs grow way faster than normal. I hope so because I have come across a few that are 1 - 2 inches long on my arms no less. I would hope I would notice something like that during my daily showers but, poof, I see one with no reason it was ever there before.

That is a serious question that I have been meaning to ask for a while. How do they get to be so long compared to their cohorts all around them without anyone noticing?

I have a very fine, white hair that grows out to up to a foot, about in the middle of my right shoulder blade. (I have medium brown hair everywhere else.) Sometimes it’s fun to play with if I happen to catch it, but then it usually breaks off.

Also a short dark hair growing out of a small freckle/mole on the inside of my left wrist.