Explicit cupcakes (Or, I think I'm done with my eyes now)

One of the girls in my office is leaving today on maternity leave. To celebrate, she brought trays of cupcakes.

The cakes on two of the trays were decorated with two variations on the theme: little baby faces peeking out from between (moderately realistic) labia. (One tray was realistic in its depiction of wrinkles and folds. The other, in the addition of chocolate strands sticking out to look like stubbly pubes.

I have now seen everything. Where do I go to hand my eyes in?

I have seen pictures of those; no sightings in the wild.

Did you eat one?

When you have to go in for hemorrhoid or vasectomy surgery make sure you bring in appropriately decorated cupcakes to celebrate. If anyone complains say "What? I thought thats what we did here?’.

No, I just poked it a bit.

So you’ve seen everything, but you haven’t eaten everything? Hand in your user name.

Did they look like this?

The upper one looks pretty freaky.

Or this?

How about these? Only one shows cupcakes, but the rest show – uhh – possibilities

[spoiler] Isn’t this fun? [spoiler] http://www.mommyish.com/2013/10/14/vagina-cakes/

http://www.mommyish.com/2013/10/24/vagina-cakes-2/ [/spoiler] [/spoiler]

Some of those are pretty scary. Kinda like John Carpenter’s Thing is giving birth.

Why would someone bring those to a workplace? Very unprofessional.

BTW, what if a man brought in a penis cake? Imagine the lawsuits.

I can’t help it – this is as compelling as watching a slow-motion collision or something.

These are even worse:

Oh my eyes! Where is that bottle of brain bleach? Ow, ow, ow.

I really would not be able to eat such a thing.

An employee (female) brought in penis-pops leftover from a friend’s bachelorette party. Yeah, work was weird that day with everyone walking around sucking on penis.

They normally do it kneeling?

Like in American Pie? :smiley:

That sounds pretty interesting, but come on, why would you not post pics?

With what?

I must admit that I have never been in the same room with explicit or provocative pastries, candies or cakes. But there was this pumpkin carver I knew once who could do some amazing designs.

Yeah, I should have done that.

Fortunately, the cakes were not as graphic as many of the linked examples. There wasn’t anything representing blood.

Cal the links in your first post were survivable, the links in the third post I’m too scared to look at, and the (especially the first one)links in your second post, that’s just,
that’s just
that’s just WRONG!

upon review of the links in CalMeacham’s first and second and viewing the links in the third post with the emotional support of Mrs. Guest, it is safe to say that cake will not be eaten ever again in the guesthouse without a mental shudder from the Mrs. or myself.