Explorer & - Menu bar is missing - how do I bring it back?

I’ve opened a particular web-site in IE 7, and the Menu bar is missing from the top of the page. I’d like to same an html version of the page, but without the Menu for File - Save As, I can’t do it.

Any way I can bring the menu bar back for that page, or have the operators of the web-site disabled it somehow?

Instead of navigating to the page, right click on a link to it (Google it and use the link from the search results if necessary) and select “Save Target As”.

Click the Organize button near the top left corner. Mouse over layout. Menu bar is disabled by default.

Try F11 to restore your menu bar.

If you’re still seeing the website address bar and other top IE stuff at the top of the page when you’re not scrolling over that area at the top, do this:

Right click in the grey area next to a tab and select the menu bar option. It will appear so you can use it. Can alway do the reverse to hide it again if you don’t use it much.

It the latter is happening of what i described above, hit F11 key and all should be back to normal.

Oops! That’s WLM. Right click in an empty space on the Tool bar and it will bring up options you can click on, including Menu Bar. Once clicked, it will stay there until you click it again.

Alt-V, T will bring down the View menu, even if the toolbar is hidden/turned off. Hitting T and then M for Toolbars, Menu Bar should check it to display.

belated thanks for the comments, everyone. I had computer troubles and forgot to reply to this thread.

None of the solutions offered worked - it turned out that the web-site, which is a subscription-only, put some sort of control on it to keep its information from being free. However, they will e-mail an html version if you ask nicely, so i’ve been able to get the material I wanted anyway.