IE 5.05 menubar problem

I don’t know how this worked, but here at work the menubar (“File,” “Edit,” “View,” etc.) has become transposed with the toolbar (“Back” button, “Forward” button, etc.) and I can’t swap them back. It’s driving me crazy! How is this done?

And we’re limited to company-certified applications here, so installing IE 6 isn’t an option.

You should be able to put the cursor over the line at the left of the bar and move then around.

And if what RealityChuck said didn’t work, be sure that there is not a checkmark next to “lock toolbars” under view - toolbars

then again, if you were able to move them in the first place, they probably weren’t locked…

Ah. Of course. There we go.

Thank you, RealityChuck. Can you solve all the other problems in my life that easily? I’ll fly you to Atlanta if you can.