Exposure to sunlight make you grow faster?

Does exposure to sunlight make your hair or nails grow faster?

I ask this because normally I can go a certain length of time before needing my fingernails cut, maybe 3 to 4 weeks. But now that I’m in tropically sunny Australia, and the heat is rising here a lot sooner than it ever did back home in NZ (the temperature here today (mid spring) is about the same as the hottest it gets in mid-summer back home) I have had to cut my nails apparently more frequently, and it looks like my hair is growing visibly faster too.

Am I just making this up, or is it possible that the sunlight affects hair and nail growth?

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Maybe the fact that you are in a warm nice climate,you can laze around and not do too much,which will definitely make them not break at least.

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You get vitamin D from sunlight, which helps you process Calcium (that’s why they add it to milk.) I don’t know for sure what effect vitamin D has on hair and nails.

I know that nails do grow faster in the summer than in the winter.

I also know that I drink a lot of milk, get a fair amount of sun, and have nails that are the envy of just about everyone I know.

These two bits of data don’t really prove anything in and of themselves, but they may just be relevant.

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Sunlight does not affect nail growth, nor do the seasons.

How do you know, Nickrz? What are the stats on this?

“Waheeey! ‘Duck!’ Get it?”
“Errr… No…”
“Duck! Sounds almost exactly like fu-”

It’s not the sunlight.

When you’re hot, there is more blood flow to the skin, especially in the extremities. More blood flow allows more oxygen & nutrients to get to the hair & nail growth cells which translates to faster growth.

You’ll get the same benefit from exercise.

I don’t have any facts or stats, but that was my point. Neither does anyone else.

Hair and nails are dead tissue with no blood supply. I don’t believe sunlight, ambient temperature or seasonal differences have any effect on their growth rate. I may be wrong, but nobody has offered any data supporting the contrary view.