Extra Carriage Returns in Posts

More of a curious question than anything else.

I’ve noticed many times on preview that two blank lines show up where I’ve put one. And sometimes it is like that in the actual post as well e.g. this post. I’m curious as to what causes it. Also whether if it happens in preview does that mean that it will definitely happen in the final post. If so it would be helpful, as I could take out the one carriage return, but I’m unsure if it is so, as the lines wrap differently.

I don’t have an answer, but I wanted to thank Izzy for using the phrase “carriage return.” I thought I was the only person left who still used it. People look at me funny, like I just referred to a stereopticon or an Edison cylinder or something.

I’m not quite sure I follow you, but I have noticed that if you quote from a post, the [/quote] does automatically insert a blank line after it.

What I want to know is whether or not the board is inserting line feeds along with those extra carriage returns.

Does that mean that we’re not hip? Uh oh…

If you look at the post that I linked to you will see the final paragraph separated by two blank lines. (It only happens if you look at it in full screen mode). If you quote the post you will see that there is only one carriage return.

You can View Source a page & see what the html code is & then see how it formatted it.

Is it a hard return?

I guess you didn’t notice that “line feeds” also went out of style with the Epson tractor printer.

New line still works, tho.

IzzyR, when I look at the post you cite, I see one word wrapped to a new line, then one blank line before the new paragraph. It only looks like two because most of the first line is blank, but the first word starts it.

Also, there is extra space above and below the text that makes the actual blank space for 1 line bigger than the visual line for text.

Hope that helps.