Extreme actions of supreme douchebaggery in movies and TV

I’ve meditated long and hard on this subject and I still say the greatest act of cinema douchebaggery EVER belongs to the fuckwad who took a knife and cut off Alec’s lifejacket while the boat was sinking AND on fire in The Black Stallion.

Wow, what a total douche. There is absolutely no excuse for that. I’m glad he drowned.


House. Pick any episode.

How about when Biff took the rubber ball from those kids and threw it up on that second story porch?

Carter Burke in Aliens

Complete douchebag

When Uniblab encouraged George to badmouth Mr. Spacely, covertly recorded him doing it, and then played it back to Spacely.

In Robocop, Dick Jones doesn’t just have Bob Morton killed, he has Boddicker play that smug little recording taunting him first.

The dog wanting to play fetch with Clark Kent in Superman Returns. Clark then throws the ball into the next time zone.

What a dick. What a super dick. You could say he was engaged in superdickery.

Superman should really just change his name by now, shouldn’t he?

I nominate Cal Hockley and his actions in Titanic–he’s not the biggest douchebag out there, but between slapping Rose, framing Jack for the theft of the diamond, trying to bribe his way onto a lifeboat and then using a lost little girl to make his way on, and general asshattery, he’s the worst one I can think of off the top of my head right now.

Last Tuesday’s season finale of NCIS. A drug mule had died in the hospital and was in the morgue awaiting autopsy (they didn’t know he was a mule). His sister who was needing a fix and her evil boyfriend went to the morgue with the notion of getting the drugs that were in the corpse. DiNazzo and his doctor girlfriend go down after then, and the evil boyfriend gets DiNozzo’s gun and holds it on the doctor to force her to the cutting. She takes the herion out of the body then rips it open and lets it fall all over the body. When Evil Boyfriend is in shock and starts coming after her, she stabs him with a scalpel in the arm that’s holding the gun. He drops the gun, DiNozzo puts it up and shoots him in the leg (“Next one is in your eye”). They then turn to the junkie sister is snorting the heroin off of her brother’s bloody corpse :eek:

George Lucas rewrites.
Oh, you mean characters in movies and film. Sorry about that.

Jack Wilson (played by Jack Palance) in Shane . He kicked a dog !

Darth Vader: “Tell me where the Rebel Base is or I’ll blow up your planet.”

Leia: Spills all.

Darth Vader: “Blow up the planet.”
(Even more so if you buy the retro-plotted she-was-his-daughter bit.)

So, I dunno. Life jacket vs planet? Your call.

Actually, it was Grand Moff Tarkin who did the whole “Tell me where the base is or I’ll blow up the planet” gig. Darth Vader just held Leia back as Tarkin gave the order.

Still, Darth Vader did engage in some fierce Imperial douchebaggery.

Uh…that was Grand Moff Tarkin who did that…

And Vader didn’t know she was his daughter.

But in any case, the Imperials were the bad guys. They have to be evil to advance the plot.

I believe Grand Moff Tarkin also kicked a dog…

My nominee is Rachel Green from Friends. The only reason anyone liked her is because she was hot.

The number one thing that comes to mind is when Ross has one last night to spend with Emily before she returns to England. Rachel, trying to attract Tate Donovan, completely ruins Ross’s night and makes the focus on her (she even puts on a cheerleader outfit.)

Ross always seemed to be devoted to Rachel. She really was a douchebag to him. It was sort of a pisser when they got together again because she had spent so much time shitting on him while he was trying to get back with her.

He is the only one who can hold his head high. He may have put up with her shit, but at least HE was hitting that. She’s way above his station!

Don’t forget. Leia lied.

Neil Patrick Harris, when he stole Harold’s car and left love stains on the back seat. It was a dick move on his part.