Extreme Sequential Thread Titles

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Getting back to juggling! WHEEEE!

Pumping and Breast Feeding support thread!

Also in MPSIMS:

Who Do I Have to F**k to Get a MacArthur Grant?
Not your Mom’s Catholic Church

I’ve got the winner, right here in MPSIMS:

Ever wonder what Cecil REALLY wants with us?
The sweet, sweet pangs of anal fire

That one’s going to be hard to beat, GMRyujin.

“What have I done?!?”

Invasion of the Penis Snatchers

Quentin Tarantino

Oh, dear:

“You folks are my alibi
Homocidal Maniac on the Loose in Northeast!”

right now in MPSIMS:

The Straight Dope Lost and Found Desk

I lost my job.

Right now in IMHO:

What do you think the next big invention will be?
Chocolate covered espresso beans

(I thought I heard of them before, or matbe I’m just too buzzed right now.)

The last thing you ever want to hear your little sister say.
We need new euphimisms for ‘penis’

eve omg lol

Earlier today in GQ:

Why do panties have cotton crotches?
Chapped lips

And right now in GQ:

Porn Pop-ups ---- How do I stop them

Earlier today in MPSIMS:

Apparently I’m fat
Attack of the Crabby Couch Potatoes!

Right now in MPSIMS:

I Need a Lieu Poop Thread
Oh, My Freaking God!
Let’s go!

In Cafe Society:
Was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre based on a real incident?
If This Doesn’t Make You Want To Buy Some Powertools, Nothing Will

right now in MPSIMS

China has just launched their first man into space.

Let’s go!

Earlier in MPSIMS:

Apparently I’m fat
We have Warped our daughter

In CS:

Kaena: The Prophecy
Thoughts on Better Luck Tomorrow?