Extreme....... What?

A friend sent me the link to a new extreme sport. Or activity. Or something.

What other extremes can you think of?

See them rub AGAINST the grain!
See them scritch AND scratch!

Their only reward: the admiration of their fans. And purring.

You’re pathetic, ETF! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeh, NCB? Well, how about:

Extreme thread-starting!

See: Who can devise the most obscure, yet tantalizing caption!

See: How many times the OP can bump the thread out of obscurity and rigor boardis?

Thrill: To bewildering digressions and Pit-leading flame wars!

Their only reward: Boosting their post count without being banned!


I’ve been doing that for a year.

Top it.

Top it.

Top it.

Top it.

Extreme Apathy

See: Who can… [shrugs]… meeh, whatever…


THAT is freakin’ hysterical! :smiley:

to me, anyway

Extreme Apath

Eeeexxxxttttrrtrreeemmmmee esssspppprreesoooo chuuggginnngg…

Extreme Staring.

There was a documentary about extreme ironing on UK TV a while back; perhaps the funniest part of it was the bit where they interviewed a bunch of guys who were into an offshoot - extreme vacuuming - the extreme ironing guys sneered upon it with complete disdain, jeering that it wasn’t a proper sport at all.

Extreme 1920’s style “Death rays”.

Extreme Clichés. :smiley:

Extreme flossing. It would probably involve lots of snowboarding off cliffs while cleaning your tooth with neon floss, accompanied by loud guitar heavy rock. The accidents would be particularly gruesome…too bad monofilament thread hasn’t been invented yet. That would be coooool. makes devil sign

Extreme Watching Grass Grow.

How about…
Extreme Cow Tipping!


Followed by the funny bit where they interview a bunch of guys that are in to an offshoot – extreme watching paint dry – the extreme watching grass grow guys will mock them, jeering that is isn’t a proper sport. :stuck_out_tongue:

Extreme Resting. Followed by Extreme Coffee.

Which is what I must do after that doosie of a weekend.

I kept wanting to add extreme procrastination to the list, but I never got around to it…


Extreme yawning