*Eyeball-Rupturing* Bouts of Exertion

Say you get into an intense wrestling match for about 10 minutes or some form of intense training such as lifting weights or cross-training, but the sessions are only about 5-10 minutes… what kind of effects do these sessions have on your hormone levels for the following 12 hours or so? What effects does it have on muscle composition for the following couple days?

I have heard people say that when they fight hard (or the equivalent), afterwords they feel and look big, muscle-wise, and I have observed this as well. It’s pretty cool. Is there any real truth to this?

I think you have the category “eyeball rupturing” all to yourself in the SDMB search engine. I could be wrong.

Band name?

Seriously though, I’ve observed this phenomenon on myself as well, and was wondering if it was purely in the mind.

And in doing a search for “eyeball OR rupturing”, you are entirely alone on the SDMB. Kudos!

So, is this an actual phenomenon or not?!

Also, I was wondering about the effect on the immune system afterwords too…

C’mon, it’s a looney question, but I swear I have experienced this… it’s empowering, like a drug or something, the way you feel afterwords! Like you could rip the bumper off a city bus and play a draw-shot into a highrise building with the nearest fire hydrant, “Hulk” style!