Eyelid twitch...aargh

I googled it, and apparently I just need to wait it out.

Doesn’t mean I can’t whine about, though :slight_smile:

Alternately, reduce stress, get more sleep, knock off the caffeine.

(IANAD/N, but I do work in ophthalmology. That was the answer I was given when I complained about a twitch that had been bothering me on and off for days.)

I read the same thing. I’ve felt kinda “off” the past week. I’ve needed a LOT of sleep. I don’t drink a lot of coffee. I’m not all that stressed, but I could be. I should meditate…but the twitch will drive me nuts, lol.

I also read staring at this monitor prolly isn’t helping.

It’s weird…I get this once in a blue moon, but tonight it is almost nonstop. Maybe it’s IS the moon…it’s gorgeous tonight :slight_smile:

YOU TOO? Mine’s been going on more than a week. I worked hard all day today and was staring at the computer non-stop. The eye twitch, by the time I got home, was going pretty much non-stop.

I need to RELAX.

I’ve had them repeatedly, too, since I was a kid. In fact, I tend to get them in all sorts of different places every once in a while, sometimes for a week or more at a time, but the eyelids are one of the worst. I Googled it not too long ago and discovered it’s called fasciculation, it’s common, and you’re SOL as far as immediate remedies are concerned. It’s apparently a common symptom of stress, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, etc. so cutting back on the detrimental stuff and getting more sleep is supposed to help it along.

I suspect mine are largely sleep related with some stress thrown in. I don’t drink a lot of coffee – one in the morning, mainly; the rest of the time I drink tea or just water. I really do need to get more sleep and cut out the caffeine. I just love my coffee is all…

A long time ago I knew this elderly Chinese lady in Hong Kong. She was probably 70. She had a periodic twitch in one eye. I don’t think she had any caffeine or stress problems. I don’t know how well she slept.

Her remedy was to keep one hand over the offending eye: “so the boys wouldn’t think she was winking at them.”

Mine has been going on for months. Halp :frowning:

I like them. it is like an eyeball massage.

I was suffering from this earlier this year. it would happen four or five times a day, for about six weeks.

Then it just stopped.

I have no idea why it began or why it ended. I therefore expect it will return one day.

Ah, well there ya go:

It could also be some minor congestion in the sinuses. Your sinuses are all around your eyes. I’ve experienced what the OP has and taking a 4 hr decongestant helped.


Take a nap! (This always works for me).

I had my glasses adjusted today. They were sitting askew on my face. I have graduated bifocals, and I think the strain of looking through them at the wrong angle and in the wrong position may have contributed to the problem. We’ll see tomorrow I guess.

See! Ha! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are those who say that being lowish in certain vitamins and minerals can exacerbate twitches.

When I get it, it’s usually from not enough sleep or from staring at the computer for too long without taking breaks. I’ve found adding those artificial tears eyedrops helps out. If it doesn’t go away, check and see if your glasses are the right prescription. If you really want details, you can more than you want about eye twitches here.

I do too. It kinda tickles.

What I don’t like are the silvery flashes I get sometimes – they interfere with reading and such. But they go away quickly.

Mostly my eyelid twitches last about a week, tops. I did have an episode that lasted about 8 months once…nearly drove me insane. I get random fasciculations all over the place though.

Twitchers: More calcium and a nightly drink of tonic water should help clear it up.

Believe me, I know.

I met this annoying New Age-type girl once when I had an eyelid twitch going on, and she kept saying it was because there was something I needed to SEE, like, you know, with my twitchy eye and stuff? Like my eye was subconsciously trying to tell me about something I needed to SEE? That could be your problem.

I get those occasionally. I’m glad they are more amusement than annoyance.