EZ Webpages for Dummies?

Namely me. I want to make a webpage but do not know where to start. I need some advice/help. So I’m throwing myself on your (all or you) mercy. Any advice is appreciated, just don’t tell me to take a course, I have no time.

Hi Poysyn, go to Yahoo! and go to “GeoCities.” You can download a program called Page Builder. Now, it only works (as far as I know) on the free website you create on GeoCities. But, you can add links, pictures, counters, and all sorts of stuff. Trust me, I know nothing about html or designing web pages, but this was pretty easy.


Above is the link to the site I created.

BTW, Congratulations on the engagement! I just got married back in Sept. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Poysyn, there are lots of sites where you can build one easily for free. Yahoo, Geocities, AOL, Hotmail, Angelfire (one of my favorites)… but if you want to learn more about HTML as well, about.com and learn.com have great short tutorials that are free and easy to follow. You’ll be able to put up something simple in less than an hour.

Good Luck :wink:

When I started out on webpages I used the (very) simple interface and free webpages at http://www.easypage.net/. It’s very limited but very simple for novices. After that it was a case of graduating upwards to the editors built-in to GeoCities webpages (another free webspace provider).

Once you’re past the basics, the best way to learn is to find a page you like and click View and then View Source (if using IE). If you go through the code and look up the meanings of the tags in any one of a million HTML tag dictionaries (there are a lot out there!) you can pick up the gist of how it works very quickly.

The basic principle is simple: each pair of “tags” encloses part of the content of the page (whether a word, sentence, paragraph, image etc). Each pair has an opening tag, which tells the browser to start formatting the text or page in a particular way (such as bolding or italics), and a closing tag which tells the browser to stop. You’d probably be surprised how straightforward it is, once you get the hang of the basic page formatting tags like HTML, HEAD and BODY.