F Former Sec'y of Transportation, Elaine Chao

Former Labor Secretary under Bush 43, former Transportation Secretary under the Cheeto-Faced Shit Gibbon, wife of Mitch McConnell – arguably, no stranger to politics – has been implicated in ethics violations by an IG report:

Regarding using taxpayer resources to pimp her dad’s ride:

In defense of her actions, Chao’s office sent a memo dated Sept. 24, 2020, citing “filial piety.” The memo states, “Anyone familiar with Asian culture knows it is a core value in Asian communities to express honor and filial respect toward one’s parents, and this ingrained value of love, respect, and filial piety always takes precedence over self-promotion and self-aggrandizement.”

It went on to say, “As the eldest daughter, she is expected to assume a leadership role in family occasions that honor her father and her late mother.”

I’m supposed to show fealty and dedication to my father, and all you dumbasses are supposed to pay for it.

I was a VP in several NYSE-traded companies. My mother was a senior executive in one of the larger public entities in the West. Everybody knows what’s okay and what’s not in these environments. That doesn’t mean that lines don’t get crossed, but they get crossed out of hubris or greed, not out of ignorance.

Fuck Elaine Chao, and the Cheeto-Faced Shit GIbbon she rode in on.

I thought she rides The Turtle.

There’s a visual that I’ll be desperately trying to keep at bay today :wink:

It’s a bottomless cesspool.

It’s not breaking news.

What is new and utterly unsurprising is that the Trump DOJ buried the results of the investigation. Everybody knew it, but now the receipts are out there.

Considering her huge conflict of interest, she should never have been confirmed.

I have to quote a friend of mine, a retired surgeon and brilliant man whose politics differ from mine.

Four years ago, we each afforded each other a statement about Trump with no debate.

Four years later, I offered him the same chance. This was his reply:

Trump was an asinine blow-hard, but he wasn’t corrupt, and that was his problem. There are about 90% of major office holders that are just in it for the money. Trump didn’t need it, so he could try to make things better. He stepped on too many toes, and with his awful personality, and the COVID, blew away his chances for another 4 years. I can’t say I liked Trump, but Biden is a calamity waiting to happen. And he and his family personify corruption to the core.

I lost track of the initiation of the IG investigation into Chao, obviously because of the blizzard of ethics issues in that administration.

But my bright friend, who – like so many – gives his confirmation bias muscles endless exercise – thinks the Bidens are the Gambinos and that DJT and crew are beyond reproach ?

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for Lola.

Conflicts of interest? Who cares. Just don’t say mean things about politicians on Twitter!

Because rich people think they have enough money and never try to get more.

Yeah. That, and … nobody has ever been corrupted (or made into an asset) based on ego, or anything other than money.

“The best way to rob a bank is to own it” - takeaway from the S & L debacle of yore.

Thieves steal. And thieves can be rich and will still steal. Or get elected and REALLY steal.

My current theory is that Elaine’s legal situation is leverage against Mitch (who is suddenly planning to retire). I am torn between condemning that and laughing until I cry. Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Considering the fact that she was nominated by a fucking Republican, she should never have been confirmed.

Whoa, you’re friends with Ben Fucking Carson?!

Alright, I LOL’d at that.

The thing is, that the thing the Biden was accused of is pretty much exactly the thing that Chao did, except swap son with father.

Also the description of your friend sounds exactly like my father-in-law except that I highly doubt that my FIL has any liberal friends (as family I apparently merit an exception). Your friend doesn’t by any chance live a bit North of Seattle does he?

Oh, sure.

Almost every single accusation to come out of 45s administration eventually turned out to be some form of confession.

And they really never found anything of substance on Biden or even his family members.

And My Gerd, did they try !

When you have to blackmail a foreign head of state to basically fabricate dirt, you’re probably in trouble on that score.


They have a vacation house up in those parts but normally live far, far away from there.

Dunno’ about you and your FIL but my buddy and I have essentially agreed not to talk politics outside this every four year unanswered ‘statement’ thing. Last I knew, the only ‘news’ he watched was Tucker Carlson.

Which should tell you all you could ever need to know.

In terms of your spouse, did the apple manage to escape the tree ?

So, in light of filial piety, should all Asians be disqualified from public service, or just exempt from ethics rules?

Uh - wouldn’t that be a pretty offensive thing for a non-Asian to say? Now don’t get me going about them Italian mafiosos!

I guess I’m a wee bit surprised that nobody has offered up ‘filial piety’ as a band name.

Oh, I’ll just have to blindly go with ‘yes’ on that one.