F*** It, I finally lost my downloads window in iTunes. Any solution?

Ever since the last major update of iTunes, I have managed to keep my downloads window by never closing it. Finally, I screwed up or something and it’s gone and there is no menu command or keystroke so far as I know to recover it. I know it’s in the software somewhere, but I have no idea how to get it back.

Please, don’t tell me about that lame downloads dropdown in the upper left corner. That thing is bullshit. I want a permanent window that I can use to monitor downloads.

Any other suggestions?

On my Macbook, there’s an “Activity Window” under the Windows menu that appears to do what you’re looking for.

Sigh. Okay, I’ll try it. Thanks.

No. That’s all there is. The old window has been removed.

There must be done term for the phenomenon that after a certain amount of time every improvement to a product makes it less useful.