F. Lee Bailey, you idjit..!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not nice to play with dirty money? Especially money that’s not you own? Now you’ve gone and got yourself disbarred. Whatta dope. You’ve got a reputaion as being a smart cookie, and you had to know you were going to get your ass kicked by the Feds, so what the fuck were you thinking? Why did it take six weeks in the slammer for you to get a clue? Did you really think you were so good that you’d convince the Feds to give up their loot?


It’s nice to see somebody get what he deserves. F. Lee has been a disgrace to the profession for years. My personal take is that he figured that once he made his name with Sam Shephard he could coast for the rest of his life. He played games with his trust account? With Federal forfeiture property? Hah. He got what was coming to him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; judging lawyers by the standard of F. Lee Bailey is like judging happy marriages by the standard of OJ Simpson. :wink:

Zap!, Esq.

I saw this thread title and I thought, “I thought F. Lee Bailey was dead, a long time ago…”

Okay, so what other scumbag high-profile lawyer who was on an episode of Star Trek has been dead for a while? :confused:

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who WAS that guy
on the old star trek
dang i hate this[/sub]

Melvin Belli

Belli sounds like Bailey.

Oh, whew. THANK you, Friedo. Now I’ll be able to sleep tonight…


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melvin belli melvin belli melvin belli[/sub]

All the hateful things you hear (and say) about lawyers are inspired by losers like Bailey. Everyone is entitled to a good defence, even evil people, but reveling in and living large off defending them is not far from evil itself.

Wait…not defending Bailey’s illegal and unethical acts, but “evil” people are only entitled to a defense by someone who doesn’t enjoy their work and doesn’t make much money off it?

At least some (I’m not sure about all) medical licensing boards will revoke a doctor’s medical license as a reciprocal measure once that M.D. has been bounced in another state. Does this also apply to attorneys - or is F. Lee only on the outs in Florida?

He’s also licensed in Mass. and I hear they’re also thinking of disbarring him. Don’t have a link tho, read it in todays paper.

According to The N.Y. Times article, Bailey is disbarred in Florida for 5 years. What’s the difference between being suspended for 5 years and being disbarred for 5 years? In Bailey’s case, he will have to retake the bar exam and undergo another background check.

I never liked Bailey ever since the Patty Hearst case.

F. Lee Bailey is a jerk, a crook, and a disgrace.

I’d like to think that a good defense lawyer would behave in an ethical manner, as opposed to Mssr. Bailey’s (ex-Esq.) conduct, where his financial activity didn’t bear up to even cursory scrutiny, and his public statements are frequently outlandish and reprehensable. Worse, he makes many of those bizzare statements simply because it appears that he wishes to be the center of attention.

Moving away from the specifics of Bailey (and I said I’m not defending him) I guess I’m still not understanding why it is that making a good living being a defense attorney, and enjoying yourself while doing it, and even having a flamboyant public persona, is “not far from evil itself.”

But what I really want to know is when-oh-when TVLand will air repeats of F. Lee Bailey’s groundbreaking syndicated series Lie Detector?

I’ve always thought it was kind of funny that such a prominent defense attorney would have the name “F. Lee”

Well, he did make his name on the Sam Shepard case, which inspired “The Fugitive.” Coincidence? I think so!

Actually, I’m not say that it’s wrong, except in cases as extreme (criminal/unethical) as F. Lee’s. I’m not sure what Bill H.'s intent was, so I won’t speculate to his meaning.

I think F. Lee Bailey is worth keeping as one of the only “names” people can make a joke about and get audience recognition. Complaining about “lawyers” in general seems to mean.

I’m no expert on Florida attorney discipline proceedings, but I think you hit on the answer right there. As an educated guess, a person suspended for five years would be able to practice again at the end of the suspension, without having to take the bar again or submit to a background check.


At least in CA, you can be forced to jump through all kinds of hoops to get reinstated after you’ve been disbarred.

First, you chill for five years (or whatever). Should you “accidently” represent yourself as an active member of the bar during that time, each instance is a felony. This can really add up, and you would be shocked (or maybe you wouldn’t) to know how many people will give a lawyer money without checking to see if he’s really an active member of the bar.

Then, after you’ve done your time, the ethics committee sits around and discusses how to make this the most excruciating experience of your life. Let’s see, we’ll make him take the ethics exam and the bar exam again, then wait so long to evaluate them that he has to take them both AGAIN! Bwahahahahaha! Then we’ll crawl so far up his ass investigating every aspect of his life, we’ll be cast in the remake of Fantastic Voyage! This could and probably would take years.

If they ever did let him practice again, they will note everywhere (web, publications, etc) that he was once disciplined, and anyone can get the skinny on the offending behavior.

Many people who are disbarred probably just say forget it and don’t bother. You really have to want your license back to go through the reinstatement process. I know someone who spent about 5 years actively trying to get her license back after some major fuck ups involving drug use, comingling of funds, failure to properly represent a client and misrepresentation (4 counts).

And remember, you really have to fuck up to get disbarred. We are talking serious offences of moral turpitude or actual crimes, not just your average shysterin’.

F. Lee Bailey behaved as an arrogant ass, which is totally in character for him. I’m glad you posted this slam on the scumbag low-life. Let’s hope he had Big Bubba as a room mate in the slammer, and the sentimental Bubba found tubby little F. Lee cute.

I was thinking last night that if I was a warden, I wouldn’t want this guy anywhere near my prison or jail. Jailhouse-lawyerin’ pain in the ass…