F-You Josh Hamilton

Yeah, because being married to a mildly irritating celebrity athlete is certainly grounds for verbal abuse, right? I mean, obviously she’s a whore; no one ever marries someone for reasons other than money. And we should let her know of our opinions as loudly and as often as possible, because being a decent human being is secondary to our opinions of the personal lives of baseball players.

Also, it’s important to do all of the above while basking in how superior we are to the Hamiltons. Surely, by demonstrating how enlightened we are in the above fashion, everyone else will agree.

I’m sure dale was being hyperbolic. I do agree with his larger point that overtly Christian athletes are pretty annoying.

No more annoying than irrational fans who act as though they were personally betrayed over what was ultimately a business decision.

I wonder how Mike Scioscia feels about the way Hamilton grins when he strikes out. Or the way he shrugs his shoulders when he drops a fly ball. Or how he always has some ailment when the playoffs begin. (Ow. My eyes are dry.) Somehow I don’t think Josh’s tenure with the Angels is going to be all that pleasant.

ETA I don’t think the Rangers fans are booing Josh because he left. They booed him plenty while he was a Ranger. Now they can really let out how they feel about him.

Angel fans will end up disliking Hamilton because he’s old and near-certain to decline during his tenure in Anaheim.

This thing about how he grins or shrugs his shoulders, though, who gives a crap? Everyone reacts to that stuff differently. In baseball, freaking out and beating yourself up when you make a mistake is frowned upon, for the simple reason that it is an unsustainable approach to a game in which you are destined to fail repeatedly.

I don’t think I’d like Josh Hamilton if I knew him personally, or at best I’d tolerate his simple-mindedness, but as a ballplayer, he is what he is. If Angels fans don’t like his slow start maybe they should take it up with the team that just adores collecting really expensive players who are past their prime.

If over the next five years, Josh Hamilton has a .912 OPS, wins an MVP, a batting title and an RBI crown, hits 142 homers, and averages 4.4 WAR per season, I’ll think it’s pretty weird if Mike Scioscia has a lot to say about what his face looks like.

They are only annoying because the sports press insists on talking to them before and after games. As if any player has anything interesting to say. And people listen. I don’t care what any of them say as long as they hit when on my team.

No, no no! He betrayed us! And I bought a ticket pal, so that gives me the right to harass his wife, up to and including stalking her, dumping beer on her and calling her a cunt!

Yeah. My biggest issue is if there was a God, wouldn’t He have better things to do than care about a baseball game? These schmoes thank God for their talent and brilliance when they should be thanking their agent and their lucky stars for winning the genetic lottery.

Don’t hold your breath.

They are, yes. But most of dale42’s posts in this thread are about other stuff- and mostly it’s the ‘he played really well but sometimes he didn’t, plus he left for a team that offered him more money after our team didn’t make much of an offer and the fans booed him, so he sucks and he always sucked!’

Wonder what God’s up to while Josh goes 1-for-20?

Pitching, is my guess.

Albert Pujols was utterly dismal last April but came back to have a good (albeit not Pujolsesque) season. Hamilton will likely be much the same, this being what happens when you spend a fortune on older players.

You keep saying that about Hamilton, but he isn’t “older” yet…is he? He can’t be thirty yet. Then again, with his wasted years, maybe he is.

Yes, but it was GOD that guided the money!

He’ll be 32 next month.