Fuck Jake Arrieta

You hipster-looking, Mack Truck strikezone throwing bitch.

Jake said to tell you to crawl up a yak’s ass.

You can tell him to shave the pubes off his face.

Well I now know the name of a current professional baseball player.

Why should we be fucking him?

And go shove his fixie up his ass.

Apparently because he fucked some Pirates.

So you’re pissed about the Chicago Cubs shutting out the Pittsburgh Moose-knuckles?

I think his look works well for him. It has to be hard focusing on hitting when the pitcher looks like he would be more at home in the back woods of Kentucky, squatting behind a big old sheep.

He headhunted in tonights game. I would have been happy to reciprocate.

I don’t want to.

Oh fuck, don’t tell me you’re from Pittsburgh.

I’m guessing anyone wanting to fuck Arrieta must be into S&M after watching him dominate tonight.

That was the first time I ever saw a baseball game break out into a hockey game. Speaking of which, at least we have the Pens starting tomorrow.

Thanks, Buccos – it was a great run.

Well, somebody has to!

Since when is being hit by a pitch headhunting?
Dear Pittsburgh Pirates,
A song for you from the South South Side of Chicago:
Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
Hey Hey Hey

Rots o’ ruck with that.

( go flyers … ) :smiley:

What a strange place to take a dump.

I found out yesterday the Pirates were still “in it”. I went to get a beer after work and the bartender handed me her phone, asking me to take a picture of her. She was wearing a very low-cut P TShirt. She told me she was sending the pic to her old pals in Chicago (where she’s from).

I was totally perplexed until she explained, then she was totally nonplussed over my being clueless. So I had another.

Before you guys choke, would you at least beat the Cardinals. That would be nice.

Also, stay classy, Cubs fan.

The Orioles must be thrilled with this Arrieta thing. All they got in return was three months of the immortal Scott Feldman, and .225-hitting Steve Clevenger.

Oh, and they gave up Pedro Strop, besides.