Face of Boe -- Prepare for Spoilers.

Since it seems to be Doctor Who Week here at Cafe Society, I have another question to put out there.

The Face of Boe, is he Captain Jack?

During Series 3, at the end of Last of the Time Lords, specifically, this is implied. Heavily, but from what I understand Russell T Davies backtracked on it and it was never stated 100% that it’s the case.

Is he or isn’t he? Your opinions, please.

Well Captain Jack is immortal and does say he was once referred to as the Face of Boe(shane) - the province he comes from.

So he’s as likely as anyone!

P.S. If you put a spoiler early on in your original post, it shows up on a mouseover. :eek:
Best to make two posts, the first one anodyne and the next the spoiler.

Just so you know the spoiler box doesn’t hide the text from the roll over preview function for threads.

I don’t see how it could ever be anybody else.

I always thought it was plainly clear who the Face of Boe was after Jack mentioned his old Time Agent nickname. But if Mr. Davies backtracked off that “off scene”, it sounds pretty weasely!

Davies may be keeping options open, but the intention of that scene was to indicate that Jack was the Face of Boe.

He just made it deliberately ambiguous. He did the same with the picking up of the Master’s ring. It may mean something that will come back and be explained, or it may lead to nothing. It’s up to us, and future writers, to decide.

River Song may also never be explained.

Oh no the Master will take over Jack’s body and become the Face of Boe!

Jack was totally fucking with the Doctor and Martha. Even when he tells the story, he is obviously building up to a punchline.

In “Utopia”, the Doctor mentions the Face Of Boe in front of Jack, and Jack doesn’t say a word about it being his nickname.

Wasn’t the Face of Boe mentioned as being pregnant with “baby Boemina” in one episode? Maybe The Long Game?

I don’t really see how it could be Jack. Jack is a human being with a body, legs, arms and a normal sized head. Meanwhile the Face Of Boe is a giant freaking face, with no body, sitting in a jar, breathing a different atmosphere.

Okay, stranger things have happened, especially in the Who universe (remember that nice lady who ended up as a paving stone with a decent sex life?). And obviously the intention of that scene in “Last Of The Timelords” is that Jack is suggesting he is the Face Of Boe. But I don’t think there’s any particular reason to take him seriously.

…and Cassandra used to look like Madame Hooch. who know how he’ll end up looking over billions of years?

JTD wanted to be pretty explicit about the whole thing, it was other writing staff who wanted him to back off.

But billions of years have passed…

She was just a face encased in stone, so I think that her boyfriend was the one who had the sex life, actually. :);):eek:

And that was the episode especially for kiddies too wasn’t it?

I don’t think it was for the kids. The people-absorbing monster was created by a kid who won a contest though.

Didn’t Jack say that he’d been pregnant once? ISTR he commented “never again”

In *Gridlock *someone (the Irish catman, I think) tells a story about someone breathing the atmosphere, and his head swelling up to giant size. I p[redict a future episode where that turns out to be Jack.

I disagree.

The Face of Boe is clearly William Shatner.

It’s obviously the Big Giant Head.