Face Off (SyFy makeup artist contest)

Anyone watch this? I was watching it last night but my power went out halfway through. Guess I’ll have to watch the rest online tonight.

Anyway, it seemed interesting and I enjoyed what I saw of it. I am detecting a high difficulty in judging as it’s clearly highly subjective, but I suppose no more than other similar shows.

I’m enjoying it so far. It’s the Top Chef format, and so far a good contest. That one judge looks grumpy all the time, which is annoying. I’m waiting for lazy boy to go home.

It reminds me of that show, Work of Art that Bravo did last year. Except in latex.

Last night with the nude models was pretty good. Especially the one lady that whispered that it had been 2 years since she saw a penis. :smiley: She couldn’t deal with a nude male and went with a female model. I was curious if they’d spray body paint on the boners. LOL One dude stuck a sprig of grass in a girls hair and in the crack of her ass. She was laying facing down like the grass was growing out of her. pretty funny sight.

Think they made the right call on the winner in the nudie challenge. The model completely disappeared into the background except for the stomach area he left exposed.

Ok, I will have to watch this. My high school sweetheart was very much into movie makeup, and it rubbed off just enough for me to be appreciative of the work that goes into it. Also reminds me I need to go find Fangoria somewhere, if it’s even still around.

I love this show!! I was so into special effects makeup when I was younger, I had a subscription to Fangoria and always did cool stuff for Halloween. I even took a makeup effects course in college.

So far, I have completely agreed with the choices for the best and worst of both episodes, in both the small challenges & the main ones. The petrified wood body paint one was especially impressive! That was amazing!

Frank’s a douche, he’ll be gone soon. I like Tate and the slim nose-pierced gay one, I forget his name.

A few of them have real chops. The rest are wannabees chosen for their camera appeal. Keep an eye on Tate, and the older fellow, as well as the flamboyantly gay gentleman. The rest are forgettable in terms of skills.

Anthony’s petrified wood woman was amazing. Definitely the best. I like contest shows, and this is a fun one. I think Anthony and Tate are front-runners.

Heh. I would have watched this, but when I saw it on the Tivo listing, I thought it was that crappy John Travolta/Nicholas Cage movie.

Dangit…I thought the series was starting this week, so I missed the first episode (I hope only the first - off to Space’s site, I guess)…

That said, this week’s was interesting.

I was quite fond of Jo’s work on the nude model/background challenge - I was glad to see that, despite her misgivings (and the oops with the paint), that she was counted as one of the best.

If you have Time Warner Cable, this show is on one of their free On Demand channels.

Also on Comcast/Xfinity.

I’m Canadian, so that’s not an option (have Bell satellite, FTR)…luckily, Spacecast.com (the website for Space, the station airing it up here) still has both episodes for online viewing.

One thing I’m kind of iffy on about the show - the range of experience is a bit broad.

We’ve got Jo, the total newbie on one hand, and Conor the 15 year veteran on the other. If it was ‘old against new’ or teams of one newbie, one vet, who’d live or die as one, I’d be digging that…but with the format we have, I’m not sure it’s entirely fair to the relative newcomers. I’m not saying they all should have the same level of experience, just a narrower range would be less…strange.

Most of these types of shows do this. Hell’s Kitchen is the worst example of it; I’m pretty sure they cast that show specifically with people they know are going to piss off Gordon Ramsay. They’re basically cannon fodder, or are there to antagonize the veterans, so they’re either gone quickly or they make it all the way to the end and lose.

Some shows start with a very uneven range of talent, and so we don’t feel bad when some of these early folks get sent home. The current TOP CHEF, with high-ranking contestants from former years, is tough – they’re all very talented, and it’s hard to see 'em sent home.

Having said that, this show has a particularly obnox group of beginners who seem pretty much incompetent. That aside, it’s a cool premise and a fun show.

In comparison to WORK OF ART, it’s a lot more fun. WORK OF ART, the folks were dripping with pretentiousness. Here, it’s serious professionalism but fun, fun, fun.

I disagree…both the incompetence and obnoxiousness are spread pretty evenly along the experience spectrum.

Frank, the most obnoxious of the lot, is in the top half of the experience (9 years). He’s also consistently mediocre.

The extremes of the experience - Conor and Tom at the top, Megan and Jo at the bottom - are also the most pleasant (even if Conor is a touch overly aggressive, and Jo could learn some confidence).

As to competence - Conor and Jo again are my comparison points - they have about the same record - mediocre work on the foundation challenges, one top-three, one chopping block in the spotlights. Both have skills, but are fairly inconsistent on bringing them to the show.

Sergio seems to be a pseudo-newbie (plenty of experience, but none of it in this context), and is consistently on the low-end of mediocre, but the other one who’s got the same consistently disappointing output is Frank.

Watching them back to back like I did (I rewatched the second episode after watching the first) - I notice one thing. In the first episode the foundation challenge earned the winner immunity. In the second, Tate simply got first choice in the backdrop/model selection, which is a far lesser advantage than Gage’s immunity. I kind of hope they go back to immunity.

They made Alien creatures tonight. Some were pretty good. The winner was smart and only did a head piece and hands. He covered the body with a flowing red costume. I say “he” because he pretty much took over and didn’t allow his teammate to do very much. She wanted to do more, but this guy was pretty controlling. He is (so far) the most experienced of the group. He’s pretty close to being a pro.

The others tried doing full bodies. Very bad idea considering the ridiculously limited time they are given. I’m amazed at how argumentative and nasty this group already is. It’s still pretty early in the competition. It’s surprising because this type of makeup work is very collaborative. All the judges commented that it is impossible to work in this business unless you can work successfully with other people.

Glad the tall dude with the hat is gone. Man, that guy had a major attitude problem. I’ve never seen a reality show contestant openly rejoice at getting sent home. He seemed to hate the competition.

I personally liked the alien that didn’t stand upright. It was pretty cool seeing the creature down low on the ground like a lizard.

Wow, they had the best episode yet. I loved seeing them take the male/female couples and switch their gender. Some of the results had even the judges laughing their asses off. Several of the makeup jobs were pretty good. Especially, the guy with the preggo belly.

Last week was good too. It was movie monster week.

Next week 2 people go home. Won’t be long before the semi-final.

Sure glad to see Jo gone. That lady couldn’t mind her own business. Even when she was working in the shop, her head kept twisting around to see what other people were doing. She was constantly bitching about other people when she was supposed to be doing her own work.

can’t get these damn tags working tonight. Sorry. :mad: I hate messing with those things.

Well…the last two episodes have really killed my observation here…the personal drama has turned all four of these (particularly the ladies and Connor) into highly unpleasant individuals.

It really disappoints me that Connor and Megan clicking like they did overwhelmed the actual competition for the bunch of them. They really turned into junior high territory…

Oh, well, at least Tate is still around, and still awesome.

Dancing Zombies. Oh my … Goodness. This show gets better and better every week.

I wonder how people improve their skills in this type of work? For example, Megan seems to have very creative ideas, but her skills are weak. Are their apprentice programs where she could work under someone? It seems like all the contestants on this show (except the obvious Ringer) need a few years working under someone.

I’ve read the old Star Trek fan magazines and seen articles on latex makeup. I had no idea how labor intensive the work was until seeing this show. Even the people eliminated early showed incredible skills in sculpting, painting, makeup etc. Where in the heck did they learn this stuff?

I find myself rewinding and watching Conor very closely. I’m fascinated with the skills this guy has.