Facebook Buddies?

Over the years, I’ve made many friends on this board. It’s a wonderful place to meet people and learn more about their lives. Unfortunately, that hasn’t translated as well outside of the board, for various reasons, as I would like it to. So, now that there’s a place to do that, I thought it would be cool to hook up, if you will, with some folks here over there. And I didn’t want to just mass bomb PM the entire Dope, therefore I figured it’d be easier to start a new topic and see who wants to swap friend requests. Plus, I sort of did this on the thread about my husband, but I know not everyone keeps up with that. Besides, I want all of you as besties! :wink:

Anyway, without further ado (and hoping I don’t come across as too terribly pathetic), you guys interested? I’m not the most prolific person on Facebook, but I’m trying to get better on checking it at least once a day and, if nothing else, commenting on others’ updates. If you want to give this a go, post and I’ll hit you up. If you don’t in five minutes, your ears will fall off and your momma won’t like you anymore.


I saw somewhere in some post that there’s some kind of Doper group over on FB but I was unable to find it, and it skipped my mind to just ASK. So…here’s the chance!

Why not join the Straight Dopers FB group?

It’s not very active, for whatever reason.

Maybe they already have some other place to talk?

Yay, thank you AuntiePam! I’m going to proffer the hunch that the FB group isn’t very active because, well…we have the boards. :slight_smile: Also the MMP, which is much better than Facebook. :smiley:

what is MMP?:confused:

Yup, I’m on the Dope Facebook group. But that’s not all friendly intimate like. More to-the-point businessy, if ya know what I mean. I just thought it’d be cool to know more of you guys personally…

Unless, of course, any of you are evil. For those types, I give out my email. :wink:

If you have Google+, you can add a good number of us to a circle there. With the obvious benefit of being able to separate us out into specific circles.

I would consider joining the Facebook group if it weren’t open.

I’d like to be FB friends with more Dopers, but I don’t know who’s who and I don’t really want to link my real-life self too easily to my Doper self by adding myself to the list in the FB group, even though I am a member. I’m sure I’m already totally stalkable by anyone who wants to put in an effort, but I’d like to make the stalkers work for it a little. Actually, it’s more that I don’t need my mother-in-law knowing what I talk about on this board!

If anyone wants to connect with me on Facebook, please PM me and I’ll think about it. :smiley:

Ugh. I’m pretty computer illiterate and I’ve never done well with the whole Google+ anything, so I guess I’ll have to skip that, but thanks. And I had to go through an approval process to join the Doper Facebook page. Don’t know if that’ll help you or not. And Antigen, I’ll send you a PM with my real name. You can look me up and see if I’m harmless enough or not.

Of course, if Alice Cooper scares you, beware! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is where we shall retreat when the new owner shuts down the Board. :slight_smile:

It’s a weekly thread in MPSIMS. It stands for “Monday Morning Post.”

And it’s very intimidating for newbies, which is why I never participate. Everyone’s super nice but they talk in code and all know each other well, so it’s hard to just jump in.

Now quit that. I am a newbie Mumper and happy as a clam. There is a MMP FAQ in MPSIMS and everyone gets a nickname. If you ever have any questions about the “code” just ask, really we are a friendly and supportive bunch. Come on over the water is nice :smiley:


JIM Mumper nickname

You could check out the list of user names on the first page,looking for familiar ones, and checking the profiles of people you recognize.

We’re trying to keep the riff-raff out, and you do THIS.


You don’t have a dungeon where you keep the other people you’ve met online do you?



I haven’t added my user name to the document in the SD group because I don’t want to tie my RL name to my board name any more than it already is, but I’m always happy to be FB friends with Dopers.

faithfool, I sent you a friend request. Hope you remember my RL name.

If anyone else wants to be friends, feel free to PM me here.

Too late, they let me in, back when Rue was still around. :p;)