Facebook follies, pt. 427

Hmmm, so apparently my toddler - who adores pressing buttons on keyboards - somehow sent a bunch of Facebook friends requests on my behalf. I’m guessing that she somehow okayed the “friend finder” doohickey, because I’ve had request confirmations lately from a number of people whose e mail addresses are in my personal address book. Okay, so I’m cool with being on-line friends with old acquaintances, former colleagues, even a former employer… but when I get a confirmation from a former boyfriend (? “Friend” with benefits? F buddy?) whom I never want to think of again, along with three (long, chatty) messages telling me that he doesn’t want to communicate?


Trying to decide whether to just block and delete, or to send an “oops! Sorry! Baby seems to have sent this, sorry to bother you. Hope you get all you deserve from life,” and then delete and unfriend. (Honest to dog, this man obviously looked at my fb pix, and asked whether my “baby daddy” was in the picture or whether he needed to come check on me. Mind you,my profile includes "married to [Mr. Matata.] I could tell you the long version of why that whole scenario is “eeeewwww”, but I’ll give the short [a]version: a 48-year-old man called it quits because I, as a then-38-year-old mother of four, didn’t have the perky boobs of a teenager. Not my interpretation, his stated reasoning.)

I guess that the silver lining is that I looked at his on-line photo album. His current partner certainly has an amazing rack, along with a face like a trainwreck and a half-mile criminal record. :slight_smile:

Bwahahahaha! I will never understand that one. Never.

(bolding mine, of course)