Time for more pathetic Facebook angst

On Facebook just now, noticed someone I have an outstanding “friend” request “liked” a status. Curiousity piqued (and a little masochistic), I checked her profile. Current profile pic is with her fiance (she’s someone I would’ve DEFINITELY pursued). Now I don’t care that she hasn’t “friended” me.

I’m just like Beck, I guess. :frowning:

I don’t accept friend requests from guys who only want to try to hit on me, either.

How do you know her in real life? *Do *you know her IRL? If you do know her, why didn’t you pursue her in the real world when you had the chance? If you don’t actually know her, well, then I think I know exactly why she didn’t accept your friend request.

Either you waited too long and lost your chance, or you never really had a chance to start with. Either way, it’s too late now, so move on.

And now I have *Loser *stuck in my head. Goddamn, it’s like high school all over again. :mad:

Facebook is good for that type of thing. Imagine if you didn’t have the profile. You’d probably be a lot better off.

Some (many?) people have their profiles set to allow “followers.” Those are people that you’re not friends with, but “public” activites will show up on your newsfeed. So, when they allow “followers,” when you send a friend request, unless they or you delete you from “following”, their public activities will show up in your newsfeed (like “liking” a public posting).

I wish people would try and hit on me on Facebook! (Or anywhere else for that matter).

No, you really don’t.

Okay. You got me :slight_smile:

Dude you need to stop doing this to yourself. And realize that being “friends” on Facebook isn’t about being friends in meatspace. You take it waaaay too seriously.

And if you are going to take it so seriously, I’d recommend blocking people you masochistically check up on. When I was a wee lad of 21 (when I signed up for FB), I did that with all my exes, so even if I wanted to look them up, I couldn’t. I still do it, since I regress in age and emotional maturity when I’m drunk. It’s a safety mechanism.

You do realize that most women in the world will get married, right? And the vast majority of them will not be getting married to you?

This may be something you want to work on coming to terms with, otherwise I’m afraid your life is going to be a pretty disappointing.

Is she the “platonic girl friend you wish weren’t”, or someone else?

She’s someone I went to Middle and HS with. We were friends back then, and I tended to get along with everyone, so I’m “friends” with the majority of my classmates.

Thirded. It’s especially creepy when my profile clearly shows me with my kids and husband. I am obviously not single. Why do they even try?

Seriously, has this Facebook Lothario crap ever netted you even the vaguest, most generous interpretation of “getting some”?

Okay, I’m Facebook friends with a bunch of people from high school, and it’s vaguely interesting to see what they’re all doing with themselves now. But that’s it - I’m just satisfying my curiosity, not looking to form new lasting relationships.

I would not be particularly receptive to some guy from HS hitting on me over Facebook, especially if it was apparent that he only sent a friend request with the intent to ‘get some’, as Ambivalid so eloquently put it. I would also think it was weird if anyone from high school felt that strongly about us becoming Facebook friends. Seriously dude, I’m the same age as you, and HS was half a lifetime ago. Time to let go.

Hey there snookums! It’s been a minute, where ya been? :slight_smile:

Meh, trying to focus on real life, working, writing thesis, etc. I’ve found that it’s highly overrated.

I’m not sure whether that is funnier taken at face value or taken as sarcasm.

I’ll field this one. No.

This thread is great because instead of lamenting something stupid someone else did on Facebook, the OP is the perpetrator of lameness (although I’m not sure he realizes it).