Facebook newsfeed and birthdays for other people

All of a sudden, I’m noticing birthday greetings in my Facebook news feed that have nothing to do with me. Either they’re one of my friends wishing someone else a happy birthday, or someone I don’t know wishing one of my friends a happy birthday. Is there a setting somewhere so I can turn these notifications off? It’s incredibly annoying.

Facebook thinks you might be interested in the fact that it is your friend’s birthday. You can turn off notifications for this by going to the Settings/Notification area. This will not remove it from your New Feed, but at least you will not be sent a push or in-app notification about it. You can prevent the comments from showing up in your News Feed by unfollowing the Friend whose birthday it is. If you’re following the person, you’re going to see many of their Birthday Wishes and HBDs in your News Feed. If you’re not following them, it will not show up. Just go to their page and click UnFollow. They won’t know you’re not following them anymore, and you will still be Friends.