Facebook question

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, so I’m not really sure of how to use it. I replied to a friend’s post. She responded, and I got a notification. I clicked on the message in the notification drop-down. After reading, I tried to close it to go back to the home page by clicking on an X. This apparently removed the post from my homepage, and it seems it also removed all posts from that person on my home page.

How do I undo what I did? I tried this, but I can’t find any of the things that are in the instructions on my page.

Go to your friend’s page by searching her name in the search bar at the top. She should pop up after you type the first few letters of her name.

You’ll see at the top right of her page a button that says “Friends” with a checkmark. Hover over this button and a little menu will come up.

Down towards the end of the menu is “Show in News Feed” which will probably not be bold and not have a checkmark next to it. Click on that item and it will turn bold and get a checkmark next to it.

Now she should be back on your home page (called the “News Feed.”)

Not very intuitive, I agree.

All of that is in place, and I did see the post when she re-posted on my Wall. Looks like I’ve just deleted the message from the Home page.

What you actually did was mark the post as spam (if you hover over the “x”, it will say that is what it’s for). For future reference, to get back to the top, just click the Facebook logo.

So it’s gone for good, then?

(Not that I need to see it back; just that I wanted to know how to undo what I did.)

To get it back click on “Messages” on the left hand column. There should be a sub-directory called “Other” that appears. Click on that. There are three views that appear down at the bottom, click on the “Spam” view. You should be able to restore it from there - I’ve nothing in “Other” at the moment to test this though.
Aaaargh, no, ignore this - misread, thought you were talking about messages, not posts for some reason.

Go to your own timeline and look for a button that says “Actions.” That list of actions might show you having marked something as spam, perhaps you can un-do it there.

Or “Activity Log”

Heh, yeah that. Not like I don’t have Facebook open 24/7 to be able to check…

I don’t have Timeline. I have trouble enough with the regular way! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I did try Baron Greenbeck’s suggestion before I read down to his edit, and found a message from a RL friend (not a FB friend) that was sent a couple of weeks ago.