Facebook Questions - How to turn "Likes" into Daily Votes for Ideas?

I started a thread in MPSIMS at the beginning of this month…here it is. Long story shortened down…My wife is a novice with FB and I don’t even have a FB account. We have alot of Facebook “Likes” (300+) atm which is by far and away the highest number against other ideas being voted on…so my questions are:

Shouldn’t we be moving up in the ranks if my wife’s idea has the most people who “Liked” it?
Wouldn’t the "Likers"have been voting on an everyday basis (assuming they check their FB everyday)? What might be stopping them?
Is there some sort of option/controls on my wife’s FB account to improve visibility to those hundreds of “Likers”?
Am I missing something obvious here or is it more complex to get people to vote for my wife’s idea?
Is there a better way to communicate the need to vote this idea (other than FB)?

Thanks in advance, my fellow Dopers!

I have no idea how your wife voting thing is set up, but typically in Facebook, when you “like” something (i.e. a post, a pic, a fanpage, etc.) you only do it once. It’s not a voting tool. You can “unlike” things that you have liked before, but I’m not aware that you can “like” the same thing multiple times.

Ok, so that means the link to my wife’s idea is liked by 300+ different people…no Like is a “repeat”. Good to know.

If this is for some form of competition, promotion or contest with prizes -

Just remember, there are “vote swapping sites” out there where people band together to “beat” the aim of the competition, cheating fuckers that they are…