Facebook related problem

Somehow a certain video/ad has inserted itself right above my contact list on my Facebook page. I have closed it, I have blocked it and I have reported it in every way possible, but to no avail. It is from an outfit called “Charmpf online shop” and I don’t want to see it. Less than a minute after closing it it pops right back up again in the same place. How do I banish this abominable creature from my kingdom?

What kind of adblock are you running?

Newest version of Edge with Adblock Plus. But this video is on Facebook itself.

Well, last I looked you could point out a specific element on the page to Adblock Plus and tell it it’s an ad, and start blocking it. Since these kinds of things are usually distinct web elements, ABP should be able to catch it. It wouldn’t matter where it’s hosted.

I say “should” because I’m using uBlock Origin so I don’t know anything concrete about ABP.

I’ll give it a shot and let you know.
Waddayouknow-It worked! Thank you.