Facebooking from labor!

Yeah, we’re the Cyber Age and all, but I swear this is never anything I expected to be a part of. Sure, on TV it’s not a big deal anymore to watch some star or another have cameras follow them around or Tweet or something while having a baby.

But this is kind of first-hand for me, and it’s a bit skeevy. My friend’s 20 year old step daughter is being induced this morning, and she’s actively Facebooking from her phone, and plans to continue until she actually MUST stop.

Kind of voyeuristic. Not quite sure how I feel about this, but I do plan to stay here and logged in until the little guy pops free.

Not a big deal anymore – I’m sure my wife would’ve done it for my daughter’s birth five years ago had we had the technology.

Now, the first guy who tweets his suicide while plummeting off a building – that will be ground-breaking.

And no, I didn’t mean the pun when I typed it out. But I do love it.

To quote a current ad campaign based on this theme: “Really?”

Eh, there is a lot of time during labor when you’re just sitting around doing nothing. I was induced with my first and my husband and I spent all day doing those little 2 minute mystery books and watching tv. If iphones were around at the time, I probably would have been messing around on Facebook, too. As long as she’s not taking pictures of the nitty gritty, I don’t think it’s weird.