Facemask gripes (not political)

  1. The tops of my ears are chafed and sore.

  2. I’m dreading having to wear one in the heat of the summer.

  3. Mine smell despite regular washing.
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  1. find a friend with a 3D printer. They can print out parts that take the strain off your ears. I haven’t printed any myself, but they don’t look like they’d take more and 45 minutes or an hour.
    2)Try leaving it out in the sun.

ETA, took a quick look, people are printing out 10 (plus or minus a few) of these at a time and it’s taking about 2-3 hours. That’s not bad and probably works out to 30-60 minutes to print out one.
Here’s what I’m talking about.

I was having trouble with the backs of my ears, so my mom (who made it in the first place) added a band of elastic that goes around the back of my head. I probably could have done it, too, but she’s much quicker than I at all things sewing.

Ears – what you need is something that will clip both elastics together at the back of your head. There are lots of thing that will do that.

If your masks are cotton, add a little bleach or borax to the wash water, and hang them in the sunlight to dry.

I’ve seen a lot of pictures with one of the Barrel of Monkey monkeys used on the back of the head to connect to the two ear loops.

I made my own yarn extender with a lot of buttons so I can adjust if my hair is particularly big on any given day or up or down or it gets stretched out.

If you’re only using it for short periods, I suggest popping a mint or gum before you put it on. At least the air you’ll be then breathing should smell nice for a bit.

I ordered the balaclava type things. It’s like a ‘cowl’ is that the word? You wear it around your neck and pull it up. Not that I’m going anywhere. The lil’wrekker may eventually want out and I won’t be able to stop her.
I have a bunch of regular medical masks, as well.

DIL wears a n95 when she goes out. She doesn’t have to wear the mask all day, so she’s not having any ear probs. Or odor issues, yet.

Stay safe and well y’all.

ETA, a big paperclip could be used to hold the elastic behind your head.

I’m wearing a Richard Nixon Halloween mask for the duration.

#2 inside of #4 coffee filter cone, attached with matching beige hose (thin strips) is my mask of choice because it’s disposable. I haven’t had a cloth mask to compare for comfort or hygiene, though. In my car, I have a container full of coffee filters and hose to last a long time. Just this week, I received a box of 50 disposable masks to wear at work upon our return.