Factual Information on Computer Programming? (game developers)

In Google, all I could find was a University called Digipen in Vancouver, I was sort of looking for one closer, I’ve heard about some in Texas…I need someone with factualy information to tell me please. Thanks. (is this better MEBuckner?)

I’m confused. Do you want information on computer programming, or schools for computer programming?

well I meant Computer Programmeing Schools…and if allowed to by MEBuckner, also about computer programming programs for free or cheap good ones.

Try these:


Also, the only schools I know of in North America that currently have a large program specifically on game programming are FullSail and DigiPen. Have a look at Google for other schools offering individual courses on game programming.

thanks Melraidin!

Delphi is a good environment for Windows programming. You can get free/cheap versions of it, and if you google for “DelphiX”, there’s a free DirectX wrapper component with a lot of examples and tutorials.

Thanks Mr2001!! You’ve been a really good help!

If you want to be a programmer at all, I strongly recommend taking a tradtional degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.