Factual Question about the Newest Maxim Magazine in the U.S.

Did Maxim play a trick this month?

I live in the Philly area, USofA, and my Maxim cover proclaims, with an award ribbon artwork and all, that “Philly is Decalred the Greatest City on Earth” or something like that, by Maxim’s staff.

Inside, Philly is hi-lited and all the best stuff about it is included in an article.

The article then goes on to hi-lite how bad the other cites are…ever town from NYC to Boston to Dallas to LA are slammed.

My immediate hunch was that if I lived in Chicago, my mag would be Chicago specific and proclaim them the greatest.

Can anyway check in and tell me if Maxim busted their butts to feature all the major cities and organize their mags by zip code for delivery throughout the U.S?

Hey, I like Philly, but the article and cover seem quite contrived!

Is Maxim playing the role of Prankster for April???

I just went downstairs to the newsstand in this Wall Street office building, and indeed, the cover proclaims “Maxim declares NEW YORK the greatest city on earth!”

Makes ya wonder which edition they’re selling in Trenton…

Thanks, Keeve.

I have people visiting the office from L.A. and a few co-workers are rubbing this article in their face. I warned them that it was a trick by Maxim.

I’ll bet Trenton falls under New York in terms of market area as defined by Maxim.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good effort by them. They had to compile articles on probably the top ten U.S. cities, and then coordinate distribution, etc.

I know it’s been done by mags, but it’s still pretty slick.


Let me guess. Is it the April issue?

April issue. The folks in my office took the bait, but I turned to the SDMB after calling so people in other cities that were too lazy to research it there. People are so gullible, which makes this kind of thing so much fun. Poor bastards.

Percentage-wise, not many skeptics in the world.

There was an article in today’s paper. It seems they have thirteen different greatest cities, the other twelve being the runners up listed in the article you happen to have. What can you say, except :wally