Faith in Humanity Partially Restored (An Anti-Pitting)

Sometimes, one person’s actions can go a long way in restoring your faith in humanity. Case in point:

I had been planning a road trip this weekend since last October. This month, the brakes on my previously owned, but late-model, relatively low-mileage car decided to start grinding. Yesterday, I took the car into the shop of a mechanic a friend had recommended.

First, let me say that this guy could’ve royally screwed me. I was expecting the standard, “Yup, your brake pads are worn to the bone and so are your rotors. You’ll need to sell 5 pints of blood and take out a second mortgage to pay for it.”

Nope. He called back today and told me the front brakes are fine, and the rear rotors are passable, but they’re not going to last much longer, and suggested they be replaced. The back pads need replacing. He quoted me a repair bill of $429.69. There was no way I was going to be able to pay that amount. Looks like the road trip is off.

I call my Dad to see if he can help me out. He can’t until next month.

So I call the mechanic back and tell him I can’t afford the bill this week, but I can next week. I start to ask him if he can make some temporary repair so the car is at least drive-able locally until next week. He cuts me off.

“How about I make the repairs today and you pay me next week?”

Is he serious? As far as auto repairs go, $430 isn’t expensive, but that’s very trusting of a first-time customer you only met yesterday. Especially when you’re a small business owner who can’t really afford bad debt.

He will have the repairs completed today at 3:30 (only an hour and a half of labor).

The trip is back on. I feel like there are good people in this world again. Thank you, Honest Auto Repair Shop.

(If you live in the Baltimore area and you want the name of the shop, PM me and I’ll gladly recommend it.)

That’s wonderful! I’m so glad that there are good, kind people out there!

Too bad I’m not in the area. I’d totally go to that shop!