(Fake) Bling me up

For a Halloween costume. I’m in Chicago. Where can I buy some cheap-ass fake bling? I see it everywhere but I apparently don’t run in the circles of those that know where to locate it. Rings, medallions, etc. I am at wit’s end and I don’t have time to order it anywhere. What type of store should I check out?

Holla back!

It will be much appreciated.

Junk prizes at arcades and small amusement parks

You can go to the junk yard and get a Mercedes emblem and wear it around your neck! :slight_smile:

A kid at my school hung a CD on a chain around his neck, and he spun it around, a la G-Unit.

Answering my own question department:

I’ve never been in a wig store before.

That is truly a shame of the highest order.

Thank you, Wigs and Plus on Milwaukee just north of Division, for blinging me up.

Wigs and Plus is also the greatest store name ever.

If you’re up for just random shiny stuff, I’d check out the plumbing section of Home Depot or Lowes. They have a lot of chromey stuff there.

It would make the costume a bit silly, but that might not be a bad thing.