I need a big, plain belt buckle. ["D-ring"?]

For Dominic’s pirate costume, I need a big belt buckle. Nothing fancy… it just needs to be one of those square things with the little pokey thing… the simplest kind there is… It doesn’t even matter what color it is, as I can paint it. [End goal is to be a very dulled brass.]

Why am I asking here? Well, I’ve been to the fabric store and clothing stores and craft stores… no one has them. The fabric store lady said she needed one recently and couldn’t find one either, until she finally got one from someone who had horses, and they had them for the various tack I suppose.

I don’t want to buy a whole belt because I don’t buy leather… if I saw a decent buckle on a cheap non-leather belt I’d do that, but I haven’t so far.

Anyone either have something lying around that they’d sell to me or have any other ideas of where to look?

Thrift store?

Actually, let me look around here - I think I have a big ol’ ugly belt that has a buckle like that. If the teenage resident of my house hasn’t declared it “totally kewl and way goth, Mom!” you can have it.

thrift store is a good idea… I need to find some around here anway

Rats, I was going to suggest a craft store.
A thrift store is good. Look for a Goodwill or Salvation Army store in the phone book.

How about Wal-Mart?
I got a very simple belt at Wal-Mart for $3. The tag said $7, but it rang up on sale.

Or a men’s clothing store? Maybe one of those Big & Tall places? That might be kind of expensive, though.

Shoe repair, baby. Shoe repair. They have all kinds of that stuff for repairing shoes, luggage, belts, etc. They’ll have what you’re looking for.

Don’t forget to pop his little eye out for the authentic pirate look! :wink:

Opal - email me your address - I have one - actually, I have a bunch - I’ll mail them to you.

Glad someone else has one, because I can’t find the one I had! Let us know how it turns out, Opal!

Sent. Thanks!

Who ever would have thought that the buckle would have been the hard part to find??

If you hadn’t found a source here, I’d have aimed you at Santa Claus costumes.