Help finding a belt

I saw an ad for a particular belt online, can’t remember where and can’t find the belt on google search, but the belt buckled in back, and fastened to the belt loops closest to the fly, so you didn’t have to unbuckle, just unbutton/unzip the fly.

Anybody know the belt and where I might find it? I am desperate enough that I am thinking of trying to make my own out of one of mrAru’s old military web belts.

No, but I did find this from Levi’s

Having some luck searching for clip or clinch belts, but only coming up with toddler and womens fashion belts.

From the way you describe it, it not only would they not hold your pants up, it would actually make them MORE likely to fall down by pulling the fly open.

If I’ve understood correctly, what you’ve described is not a belt. It may have been built in to the particular pair of pants you saw, and would definitely be for looks only.

Unless I’ve totally misunderstood your description.

Like this?

“freebelts” is one brand that is searchable on Amazon.

OK, so I didn’t misunderstand you at all - I’m just not bright enough to see why people want that. That, however, is my problem. :slight_smile:

If the belt is not there to hold up your pants but rather something to hang tools from it would work.

Might be time for suspenders.

Bingo, that is it =) Thanks!!!:smiley:

Because with chemo I sometimes have diarrhea and I have a military buckle I swiped from mrAru and the neuropathy sometimes screws with both coordination and hand strength, and I have crapped my pants because I could not unbuckle fast enough. I felt this would be the perfect solution as I really don’t want to tailor my jeans down 3 sizes to just regain all the nausea and vomit induced weight loss.

ANd it isn’t a problem, people have different opinions on dressing, and that is just fine by me, it would be boring if we all dressed the same [shades of China and Mao suits!!!]

Just bought from Amazon and been wearing it all day. No issue with pants falling down, feels quite comfortable with my 36" jeans. I kind of like driving with them, no buckle shoving up into my stomach. Kind of like wearing sweats. I wearing them with a untucked in shirt so I don’t care how they look. Not sure I’d wear them with chinos to work, but definitely good for kicking around in.

Wonderful, waiting for mine to get here =)