Help me ID Crowley's belt buckle in "Good Omens"

I’m trying to put together a Crowley (the demon from “Good Omens”) cosplay for an upcoming convention. I’ve got a pretty good handle on most of the components, but his belt buckle is confounding me. Even after zooming in on it, I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be. Is it a snake head? Some kind of dragon? It looks like it has feathers, but…I got nothin’. Anybody have any idea what it’s supposed to be?

Here’s the best photo I can find:

Seems pretty obviously supposed to be a snake head, given that he was the snake in the Garden of Eden.

Snake head, eating it’s own “tail.”

Not quite the same thing, but maybe close enough for cosplay.

That one was probably made by the props department, but similar ones have been sold.

Ooh, that’s pretty nice. Given that I think it will be nearly impossible to duplicate the original (I’m not artsy enough to make it myself), this might be the best bet. Thanks!

There’s a company in the UK that makes snakehead belt buckles: Search: 9 results found for "snakehead" – Elliot Rhodes Ltd

They only show gold there but if you google, there are silver ones as well. I also see people gluing fake gemstones in the eyes and re-selling them.

This is the one, according to the manufacturer. It looks right.

Please post pics when you’ve got the outfit assembled. I would love to see it.

(ETA - it’s an expensive piece of authenticity, though.)

Oh, my. That’s lovely, and sure looks like the same one. But 300 pounds? Yikes! I guess I will be sacrificing some authenticity to keep my wallet from screaming. :slight_smile:

(Not as bad as the watch, though–it’s the Devon Tread 1, selling for $11,000 and up!)

That belt is much cooler than I anticipated. The fact that the fangs are the actual belt…pegs(?) is fantastic.

It is, isn’t it?

<tells myself to stop thinking about it>


<sends a note to the guy to see how long it would take to get>

<kinda hopes he says 6 months so I can put it out of my mind>

<kinda hopes he doesn’t because I wants it…>

As for the watch, it’s definitely not a real match but something like this might get at least some of the same vibe across at a slightly more reasonable price point. There’s even cheaper ones in the same ballpark on other sites, but that one caught my eye.

That’s pretty neat, but Crowley’s is so distinctive I think it would be hard to duplicate. I’m half-thinking of making a fake, nonfunctional version just to get the look. Dunno yet.

Hey, y’all seem to be pretty good at this. Any idea about the tie? Right now, I’m just going with a wide gray shoelace, which is basically what it looks like. But the originalhas some kind of little tassel-y things on it. Should be easy enough to reproduce with the shoelace, I suppose.

Wear it with the ends tucked into your weskit like he does sometimes.

Sunny Daze, I’m not sure whether to be grateful or grumpy about the fact that you found that link. I just bought the belt. :slight_smile:

I don’t indulge very often, but that thing was just too sweet to pass up. And the guy who makes them is really nice and responsive. I’ve spent money on dumber things in my life. :smiley:

Next stop, trying to figure out which red temporary hair dye works best with dark hair. I don’t want to end up a permanent ginger!