Fake Corpses = FUNNY!

I remember reading about the girls. Pretty sick. My brother says that when so-called “musical entertainment” is reduced to spraying excrement on unsuspecting attendees, he feels that this is in no way entertainment. For MTV to sponsor this type of sick and disgusting garbage shows how far they have sunk over the years. He (and I) think the sponsors and the act should be brought up on criminal charges. And that in the compensation, MTV should pay to move them to another school where they would no longer be harassed. Also, Brian Graden, the network’s president of programming had the nerve to state:

Women? These girls were 13 when this happened! The statement above clearly shows that this person not only has no clue how to perform his job, but is also trying to minimalize the insult that these young girls received by everyone involved.

Beautiful! I want one!

Where did you buy it? I want to have it in my room to put in lewd poses.


(Reading farther, I suppose it was bought at a specialty store of a kind that does not exist in Montana. Damn. As I’m not up to the task of doing it myself (I’m a ham-handed hack at any art other than verbal), I suppose I’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for such things in the stores I do have access to.)


I disagree.

The amount would include punitive damages. To punish MTV. And it has to be enough to hurt, because they are obviously slow to learn the lesson. The lesson being that there are some things you just don’t do. You do not enter someone’s hotel room without their consent. You do not attempt to horrify them and catch their horror to find amusement in it.

I’m normally opposed to the big damage awards, but MTV’s actions seem waaay over the line. If that were MY room, and me and MY GF came back to find that…the footage would be used at trial against ME for kicking the living snot out of everbody involved.

These people paid good money to have a nice vacation, not to be the butt of a sick joke.

Derleth: I bought it at one of those Halloween stores that pop up everywhere in October and then disappear on November 1st.

I have to admit that I am weary of people suing for personal gain. However in MTV’s case I have to admit that they went WAY over line. I also agree that although 10M sounds like a lot of money it is peanuts for MTV and it is probably covered by their insurers. Their total lack of creativity and juvenile stupidity doesn’t give them right to harass people. Furthermore, I am sure that if someone digs enough in the Big Book With All The Laws we’ll find that they could be brought in a criminal case.

10M is not enough.

I want to know how the shit spraying came about. I’m utterly flabbergasted (and highly disgusted!)