Fake Corpses = FUNNY!

Well MTV has really outdone themselves this time. I don’t necessarily agree with the $10 million figure, but I do agree that it was a totally irresponsible and ludicrous. Don’t any adults work at MTV?

I agree with you. Sounds like they’re basically taking Candid Camera and making it meaner and nastier - and, of course, less funny. I don’t blame them for wanting to go for cheap laughs, but even the dimmest bulbs should have realized this was a huge lawsuit waiting to happen.

MTV is worse than a child that just won’t learn.

I hope the couple get the $10MIL clams.

I have a fake corpse I keep in my living room.


um… thats gross Johnny.

Really? Why is that? :confused:

Anyway, you never know when some filmmaker might need to rent a corpse.

I remember once, a long time ago, I saw this little promotional film of a band playing their music on MTV. It was kinda cool. Too bad that idea didn’t catch on…

Jesus was in a coma.

WTF…you WANT them to get the 10 Mil? And just make the U.S. an even more litigous country than it already is? That’s a preposterous amount of money. They should be lucky if they get 1% of that; frankly if they were really butthurt about it they should have a laywer file an injunction or something against MTV rather than demand money

This is the paragraph that sent me into a Margaret Dumont fainting spell:

Harassment is not the first reality show to land MTV in legal trouble. Two teenage girls sued the network in April, 2001 after they were sprayed with human excrement by performers billed as the “Shower Rangers” during the taping of a program called Dude, This Sucks.

<Aarrh, mateys!>

Nice corpse! Did you make it yourself? My diy corpses tend to come out a lot less juicy-looking.

I currently have a fake mummy in the corner of my living room–all of my others are in storage right now.

A $10 million lawsuit is, IMNVSO, is not the appropriate response here. We need MTV Survivor, in which all the MTV execs are stripped naked, turned loose in a desert, and everyone they’ve pissed off is armed with serious firepower and sent after them. The winner (last surviving exec) wins a (relatively) painless death.

Eve, it was that same paragraph that really pushed my piss-off buttons, too.

Not a bad corpse, Johnny! Did you make it yourself?



Balance: No, I didn’t make it myself. I bought it from a Halloween shop a couple of years ago after Halloween. I keep meaning to make my own corpses, but I need a workshop. Actually, I’d like to have my own severed head (I have some alginate around somewhere) so I can put it in a tray of (fake) ice (that I would make myself). Or maybe I’d put it on a stick.

But it takes room to work and at least two pair of hands to really do the good stuff. Once I relocate (whenever that will be!) I’ll have the space and hands.

I would have been really pissed if this had happened to me, but I don’t think I’d have sued. However, if I was sprayed with human excrement, I’d sue. Not only is that disgusting, it’s extremely dangerous and unhealthy. Do you know how many diseases can be contracted from contact with human excrement?


They deserve some sort of compensation, but 10 million?

Fucko Off :smiley:

Come on people. You ask for an exorbitant amount and then accept the settlement.
Isn’t that how it works?

Too bad you didn’t visit the Halloween store around my place after last Halloween–A 50% off clearence sale, and at least THREE different varieties of severed heads, none more expensive than about $15! It was amazing.

I was going to buy one, and decopage a photo of Osama’s face to it, and impale it on a guidon pole. Alas, my finances had chosen JUST that instant to die on me, so all I could afford was a prop flintlock. :frowning:


Usually. The big dollar figure is to make sure MTV takes it seriously.

Actually, I mean my own head. A likeness of myself. Ooh, I could have fun with that! :smiley:

No, I don’t. How many?

You can get Burnt Reynolds and Oldie Hawn here. :smiley: