Falling objects!

Aright, another weird conversation between me and my friends occured the other night… and the ending question was this:

If a BRICK (your standard brick used in buildings) was to fall off the empire state building, and you happen to be standing at the bottom with your arm held straight out to the side, and the brick hit you (it was horizontal at impact) directly between your elbow and wrist, would your entire arm be ripped off? Would it cut your arm directly where it hit it? Or would your arm be slammed to your side (with massive injuries obviously, but arm still “intact” [intact as in connected to your body, regardless of what the bone and stuff on the inside was like, obviously it wouldn’t be in one peice])?

Okay, now take that SAME EXACT scenario, but replace the brick with a basketball. What would the results be?

Sorry if thats a little bit of a crude question, just a little curious as to what would happen…