Fallout 2

I was thinking of starting this game again. I’ve completed it once before, with a diplomat type; very big on negotiation and seduction and things, with a side-specialisation in small guns. Just to be different, now I think I’ll play a big gun guy; with lots of combat abilities.

So, any advice on what sort of abilities, skills and perks to pick up? Any thoughts on what other kinds of things he should be good at ( just shooting things is a little dull)? How the hell does a tribal brought up in an isolated canyon village a thousand miles from anywhere know how to operate a flamethrower/rocket launcher/machine gun anyway?

Well, you could always pick up the skills later. Isn’t there a perk that allows you to suddenly gain a skill as a favored (can’t remember the real term, it’s been too long) skill?

Try starting off with Small Frame and Gifted to maximise base stats.
It’s a while since I’ve played, but IIRC the ideal combination is
ST: 5, PE: 7, EN: 6, CH: 7, IN: 9, AG: 9, LK: 5

You can either tag combat or nocombat skills, there are about half a dozen you’ll want really high whatever. Go for Unarmed rather than melee (you can still use knuckledusters and power fists), and it’s mroe useful. If you’re gonna be evil you don’t need that much speech I suppose, but Lockpick and Science are always good.

Big guns are surprisingly inadequate in endgame, given the Sniper perk you can do loads of damage with smaller stuff. Action Boy\Girl when you can get it is great too.

OTOH you could go for a guy who specialises in melee weapons and throwing grenades, maybe using bursts at close range to help out.

Personally, I can’t imagine a combat oriented character without “Sharpshooter”

Off the topic, yet on the subject: Don’t you agree that this was definately one of the best games of all time for the PC? What a shame that it went so largely unnoticed…

Well, the character I ended up choosing was an assassin type. Perception 10, Agility 9 and Luck 8 (for those headshots, dear to the sniper’s heart), the rest 5. Tagged small guns, stealth and lockpicking. Chose the traits ‘Gifted’ and ‘Skilled’; I wanted to take ‘Finesse’, because it fit my character so well, but I needed ‘Gifted’ and I hate hamstringing my skills the way that trait does.

Dunno how well the character will work out in game, but it was fun modelling him around a specific role.

I do think ‘Fallout 2’ is one of the best games for the PC, along with the original Fallout game, and another Black Isle Studio game; Planescape: Torment.

Was it overlooked? It has a fairly rabid online fanbase, and quite a bit of word-of-mouth reputation.

Check out gamefaqs.com, there should be a lot of character creation guides.

Oh, this thread reminds me: Good news! Fallout 3 is most likely in production.

It hasn’t been officially announced, but rabid fans have been keeping up with interplay’s development news.

They have code names for projects before they’re officially announced - it turns out all the people involved in the fallout series were assigned to this project, they lost the license to one or two of their major franchises but someone confirmed it was a sequel, which left fallout 3 and some obscure game as possibilities, and developers on the forums were asking people about what improvements they’d make to various aspects of fallout.

So, there’s a very good chance Fallout 3 has been in production for a few months. I can’t wait.

Fallout 3 is indeed in production.

Is it official now? Last I checked it wasn’t announced.

You should have chosen an intelligence higher than 5 in order to get the max playability.

Some day I’m gonna have to try playing it with an evil character.

Evil in Fallout2 is indeed an amusing change from most PC-RPGs.

You’ll get started much more quickly, specifically if you join the slavers’ guild in The Den. I think (it’s been… quite a while since I last roamed the wastes) you net yourself $1K a pop for three slaving runs, plus any small valuables you scoop up on the way. You’ll find yourself outfitted for wasteland survival much faster, on the evil path.

You can sell any NPCs you pick up to the master slaver, which is the only real use you’ll get out of whichever of the two siblings you choose in… that town between the Den and Vault City. The place next to the ghoul community’s farm.

[sub]Oh, and sell Sulik off before you join the guild, or he’ll jump you for being an eee-vil git.[/sub]

Being a made man in New Reno is fun too, especially if you’re the kind of prick who will complete all the possible “mob jobs” without actually joining the various families. Well, you can do all but one, and end up with either the Wright Family, or the Bishops.

Becoming a Bishop is double the evil fun, as it presents you with the opportunity to sleep with the guy’s wife, and his very fertile daughter, then stab him in the back by booby-trapping his personal safe, after you’ve been “made.”

The end game epilogue is pretty wildly variable, depending on just what you do, but you knew that, yeah?

[sub]Modoc, that’s the name of the town. The place where you can talk the mayor into cutting off his own pinkie to seal a deal, and then give him a recipe for it.[/sub]

Yeah, my goal is to get the lowest possible Karma. Theres alot you can do besides the stuff you mentioned as, like nuking the Ghouls, killing the deathclaws…it’ll be fun.

The thing about Fallout 2 is you don’t have to build your character with any particular skills for it to be beatable. Any character weakness can be overcome. Just come up with a concept for a character and describe them in the game’s terms, and don’t worry if it would have been possible to make a character that killed more effectively or had more dialogue options.

Sorry but I don’t think so. Interplay is working on a game in the fallout universe,The Brotherhood of Steel, however it is a 3rd person action game for the Playstation and XBox and not the Fallout 3 RPG many people have been waiting for. Judging by the little I have seen, this game looks like it departs from the Fallout franchise in many ways (not necessarily for the better either, but we shall se).

Closer to Fallout 3 is, Fallout Tactics which focuses on combat and has been available for some time. I haven’t played though, and can’t say if it is any good.

Fallout 2 is a great game, I love how open ended it is. I for example, played most of the game as a high strength/high agility/hand-to-hand skilled kung-fu master. Also, Fallout 2 has tons of funny little details: for example see what happens when you create a character with intellegence of 2 and then have a chat with Torr in the town Klamath.

Called shots to the eyes with the gauss rifle.

Nothing more needs to be said.

That doesn’t mean Fallout 3 isn’t on the way. Brotherhood of Steel wasn’t developed by Black Isle after all, so Fallout games not developed by them aren’t unprecendented and have no effect on Black Isle’s potential release of future Fallout titles.

We know that Black Isle’s next RPG, Lionheart, is due for release is August. They could have started a new project already and that project may be Fallout 3, but obviously it’s too soon for them to announce anything as the game would be in the very earliest stages of development at this point.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, there may be no Fallout 3 on the horizon, but just as it’s too soon to say that the game’s definately in development (Though DeadlyAccurate may have info the rest of us aren’t privy to.) it’s also too soon to totally dismiss the possiblity.

Anyway, at this point the circumstancial evidence as laid out by SenorBeef is a lot more convincing than your claim that Fallout 3 can’t be in development because Interplay is working on a totally unrelated Fallout game for PS2 and X-Box.

If anything, Brotherhood of Steel makes me more hopeful that Black Isle may be working on Fallout 3, as it shows that Interplay still cosiders it a viable enough franchise to be developing games within that universe.

Damn I wish I could edit posts.

To head off what I see as a possible reply from joshmaker, I realize you didn’t claim that the impending release of Brotherhood of Steel means Fallout 3 can’t possibly be in development, more like you just think that people have been misled by hearing of an upcoming Fallout game that the game may be Fallout 3.

Thing is, we’ve known about Brotherhood of Steel for a while now, and that game’s impending release has nothing to do with the hopes of us Fallout faithful for a potential third chapter. Black Isle isn’t even involved in the production of BoS. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Sorry, but I take my Fallout seriously. Nothing short of an official announcement from Black Isle will convince me Fallout 3 isn’t in development at this point, because dammit, I want it to be!

Made a deep personal discovery about my Fallout 2 character today.

I’m in the Den atm and, because I’m playing a more-or-less evil character, I took the ‘evil’ route in the Lara vs Tyler subquest and betrayed her to him. But the results were slightly disappointing; I was hoping to scavenge enough loot from the corpses to buy a proper weapon, a rifle or something, since I make a poor kind of long-distance assassin with just my 10mm pistol and the shotgun I stole from the Slaver’s Guild. But Lara’s gang mostly didn’t carry valuable weapons like guns, and there weren’t very many of them anyway.

So, after musing on it for a bit, I rested up, returned to Tyler’s gang, and blew the fuckers away. And, regarding the bloody mess all over the church, I hit upon this deep personal discovery.

I thought I was just being a greedy computer game player and grabbing for more loot. But what I was really do was playing to the hilt an archetypical figure from the Western genre; the man with no name. The scary, silent hired killer who works alongside you, even commits the same crimes you do… but somewhere in his head, he’s toting up all your crimes, and soon he’ll be back to exact retribution, in a twisted, violent form of justice. Even the lone gunman thing fits; I’m not bothering with companions because they mostly just get in the way in Fallout, especially when you’re playing a stealthy sniper type like what I am.

So now I have an excuse to kill both good guys and bad guys and take their stuff.

Fallout is such a wonderful game. My personal Wasteland survival plan:
0: Have high intelligence, agility, perception.
1: Tag Small Guns.
2: Grab a pistol off a bisected corpse two levels deep in trapper town.
3. Kill the evil merchants in the den. (If you’re good, than killing them is good. If you’re evil, than killing is evil.)
4. You now have a selection of a shotgun, a rifle, and/or a Deagle/magnum.
5. Profit!!

0: Have high intelligence, agility, perception.
1: Find Navarro.
2. Laugh evilly.

You guys are making me nostalgic! :slight_smile:

wanders off looking for his Fallout 2 CD

Fallout 3 IS IN DEVELOPMENT. Its pretty much confirmed.